The Best Soundbar For Gaming

So you are looking to play your favorite game with having fun, but want an ultimate experience? Well, playing games on a console or PC is not just about the graphics that have been enhanced over time. The sound quality of games has also improved greatly throughout the years because advanced hardware needs advanced software for it to be at its best. While this might make it seem like speakers or headphones are needed to get the ultimate experience, even these days soundbars are playing an important role in the audio department. 

Since you're looking for the best soundbar for gaming, we shall help you find one that's worth your money. To avoid having to spend hours of your time researching that one particular model, we've done it for you. We have compiled a list of the best soundbars that are perfect for gamers who want an excellent audio experience without having to put their expensive speakers at risk during intense matches.

Nowadays, you can play games on your systems and use a soundbar to get the ultimate experience! A soundbar is an all-in-one speaker system that comes with multiple speakers which reproduce full surround sound.

Sound bars are compact speakers that come with a subwoofer and can be easily connected to any system. They don't take up too much space and allow you to play your games as if you were right there.

Soundbars are speakers that can be placed under or above your TV, with or without a subwoofer. Instead of having multiple speakers for different parts of the room like traditional setups, soundbars offer an enhanced experience by blasting audio in one direction (mostly towards the viewer). This is why they fit under TVs which is their main benefit over most speakers.

Soundbars are in my opinion the best value in terms of audio for your money. Having them under my TV I find myself getting immersed in game worlds like never before with excellent build quality and crisp, clean sound. What I also love about them is that they are really easy to set up and can be done in minutes. Of course, you get the best experience with a good subwoofer, but having one is not necessary since most of these are already added together with the bar itself.

Features of A Soundbar for gaming

It’s best for gaming because it has an outstanding variety of features that enhance your gameplay experience. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Perhaps the most important problem that gamers face is with wires that divide their attention and decrease their movement during gameplay. This can be solved by having a wireless soundbar, which requires no more than a single power cable for it to work. You can even connect the soundbar wirelessly to a transmitter and turn your console or PC into a mobile unit.

Most soundbars have five speakers with one subwoofer, which is known as 5.1 surround sound. Sounds from all directions come from the entire system that enhances not only the listening experience but also gives an edge over enemies in first-person shooter games.

The wireless subwoofer is a boon for gamers who do not want to be distracted by coming in the way of the bass beat. The soundbar splits the low frequencies into two parts, one that comes through your TV and another which goes directly through your subwoofer. This means that you get the best sound quality with no wire or transmitter getting in the way.

If you are playing games like Battlefield 3, Call Of Duty, Grand Theft Auto V, and many others, then it’s important to be able to hear enemies coming from far away. However, you don’t want that when listening to movies and music. There are sound modes that allow you to turn different sounds on and off depending upon what you’re listening to, making your entire experience more comfortable!

In games where there are various kinds of sounds coming from all directions, clarity is an issue that arises when the user doesn’t have a proper sound system. The 5.1 surround sound provides you with clear sounds that are coming from the correct directions, making your gaming experience better than ever before. Games like Battlefield 3 and 4 require these features to be at their best!

If you're someone who is serious about their gaming and has the best equipment, then a soundbar might just be what you need. The problem with standard speakers or even surround sound systems is that they produce poor-quality sound effects that ruin your entire gaming experience. With a good quality soundbar, however, you can enjoy every aspect of the game.

A soundbar will also come in handy for people who like to play games on Twitch.TV. Watching others play games online has become a very popular pastime and with a soundbar, you can get the best experience possible, as if you were part of the game! The other benefit is that if you want to watch TV or movies, you can easily switch to the sound modes that you need.

It’s important to make sure that when buying a soundbar, you choose one with all of the features mentioned above. If your console is not compatible with the soundbar, then it’s also good to keep in mind whether or not it has HDMI ports for easy connection.

Soundbars range from $70 to $350 and can be found on Amazon and eBay. If you want a surround sound experience, expect to spend more than $100 on it. However, this is the best long-term investment as once you get your soundbar set up, there’s no going back!

The Best Gaming Soundbar Reviews

Wohome Soundbar S89 28-inch is now available on Amazon with great deals. So, this will be the best time to buy Wohome Soundbar S89 28-inch with a great discount. It has an elegant design that's quite stylish and modern. It has a USB slot to play music, movies from an external device. 

It is light in weight and small in size which makes it easy to carry around for travel and other functions while maintaining great sound quality. The speakers produce clear sound with crisp highs and decent lows as well as mids. It has a great soundbar that effectively enhances the sound from your TV, smartphone, or laptop. Why not buy Wohome Soundbar S89 28-Inch now?

Things We Liked

  • Good quality for an inexpensive price. 
  • It has an elegant design that's quite stylish and modern. 
  • It is easy to operate with Bluetooth function.
  • This soundbar system also has a USB slot to play music, movies from the external device quickly and easily.
  • It is light in weight and small in size which makes it easy to carry around for travel and other functions while maintaining great sound quality.
  • This soundbar model has a 3-inch subwoofer that brings you a dynamic, well-balanced bass effect.
  • You can easily connect the speakers with your TV, smartphone, or laptop via Bluetooth or audio cables .
  • It has a wide channel to enlarge the sound stage for a more immersive experience.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • This soundbar system doesn't come with any remote control buttons, so you need to use your TV's remote every time.

We should buy SAMSUNG HW-N300 2-Channel TV Mate Soundbar because this soundbar has a very good and high performance, we can listen to music and watch our favorite movie with wonderful sound. Not only that, we also can connect to any devices such as smartphones to play games or video, so it is not only for listening to music or watching movies, but it is also can enjoy games with wonderful sound. We don't need to connect to the TV because the soundbar itself has a built-in TV function. If we are watching TV, we can get high-quality sound without using too much electricity which will make our electricity bill gets higher and higher.

Also, we can adjust the soundbar to fit our room with a very simple process. We don't need to worry about where to put it because it is very small in size and lightweight which makes us easy to carry from one place only by one hand only. If we put it in a big room or a hall, this soundbar will make our place looks wonderful by providing good sound quality.

We can either buy it from a local dealer or an online store, but we should make sure that the store or dealer is a trusted one before we make a purchase there. 

Things We Liked

  • Provide high quality and wonderful sound for us to enjoy music or watch movies. 
  • We don't need to connect to the TV because we can use it as a stand-alone soundbar. - It has a very easy-to-use function for adjusting the soundbar to fit our room. 
  • We can use it as many devices because it has a built-in TV function so we don't need to connect to the TV.
  • We can listen to music and watch our favorite movies with wonderful sound because this soundbar has a very good and high performance.
  • We don't need to connect to the TV because it is a stand-alone soundbar which will save our electricity bill.
  • It is very easy to adjust the soundbar so we can enjoy games with wonderful sound too.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • We should know that the price of this product is quite expensive and we may not afford it because it's a higher-end soundbar which means the price will be more expensive than other soundbars in the market. 
  • Not compatible with Apple TV and other streaming devices because it doesn't have a Bluetooth function which will make it difficult to play music from our smartphones.
  • We need to buy an additional Subwoofer if our room has a larger space so the bass will be deeper.

RAZER Leviathan has a really big sound, similar to that of a home theater system.  This is good for movie watching and gaming.  The larger the speaker unit, the more bass is produced! The bass effect in RAZER Leviathan is simply stunning compared to other small size speakers today.  In fact, it is almost able to produce a surround sound feel in your living room that you might get from a home theater system!  It also offers an easy user interface with music controls for volume and playback.

RAZER Leviathan has a built-in lithium polymer battery which makes it portable.  This means that you can bring this speaker with you when you're on the go, traveling, or camping.  You can even clip it onto your belt for convenient portability!

RAZER Leviathan has some pretty good drivers that produce clear sound with minimal distortion.  This speaker also offers a light show (known as Lightsync) where it changes color based on the beat of the music.  The color of the lights can also be adjusted.

RAZER Leviathan offers wireless playback that is really convenient, especially when you take it outdoors for some fun under the sun! The only issue with this speaker is that it does not offer higher resolution audio like FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) which means that if you play a FLAC file, you will not get to enjoy the "sound quality" that it was supposed to be.

Things We Liked

  • Big sound like a home theater system.
  • Portable and wireless.
  • Light show (known as Lightsync).

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No higher resolution audio support for FLAC files.

Equipped with a plethora of connection options, including Bluetooth, optical, USB, and more, this soundbar can be connected to nearly any device and controlled with the included remote.

The Sound BlasterX Katana is more aesthetically pleasing than other options but doesn’t resemble its moniker. It is perfectly designed to fit over the stand of just about any monitor but slim enough that it doesn’t obstruct your view. In addition to the unique shape, it features a fully programmable LED light strip.

While there are plenty of features with this soundbar, it, unfortunately, doesn’t have any auto-switching functions for content type. You will need a little know-how if you want to adjust the settings for specific programs.

Things We Liked

  • Lots of Connection Ports
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Nice and slim

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No Autoswitching

Redragon GS560 Adiemus RGB Desktop Soundbar is a pretty new product on the market, it features a built-in 600ml big speaker and 4.2 channel output for each of these 3 speakers. It also supports a USB connection with a PC or laptop, Bluetooth connection from a smartphone or tablet device, aux cable music player. 

What's more, it is really a nice-looking speaker as it features LED lighting - Adiemus RGB lights, very bright and colorful. What's more, this speaker has a great bass sound with a frequency response of 90HZ – 20KHz, which makes the music sounds better. The Redragon GS560 also works perfectly for PC or laptop gamers as it has a very nice volume control system.

The Redragon GS560 Adiemus RGB Desktop Soundbar is currently available on Amazon US, UK, and DE for less than $50. It's also available on Gearbest with the best price so far, less than $50 as well!

Things We Liked

  •  Pretty nice and modern design, features LED lighting - Adiemus RGB lights, very bright and colorful.
  • Very cheap and affordable for everyone with its price.
  • Has 3 audio output modes: a 3.5mm audio cable connected to a PC or laptop, a Bluetooth connection from a smartphone or tablet device, aux cable music player.
  • It's also very easy to use and set up, just connect the speaker to an external device and you're ready to go!
  • Very easy volume control system; we can also use it as a speakerphone for our smartphone or tablet device.
  • The Redragon GS560 Adiemus RGB Desktop Soundbar has a very nice bass sound with a frequency response of 90HZ – 20KHz.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It's not available in some countries (not available on Gearbest)


These are just a few reasons why it’s great to have a soundbar for gaming, my friend. Once you have all the features that you want, then a soundbar will be a great addition to your TV and give a whole new dimension to online gaming! The detailed sound of this product makes it a perfect choice for gamers as well as music lovers. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now!

Our Best Sound Bar For Gaming Top Pick

It is Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Surround Gaming and Entertainment Soundbar, as it is a nice choice for gamers. It is not only about the gamer but also about music lovers that would be satisfied with its ability to play different sounds from different sources. The detailed sound of this product is a great reference point.

A great soundbar is made by Sound BlasterX, which has over 40 years of audio experience. As well as to make it possible for this unit to deliver superior audio performance; the hardware inside has been enhanced during the development process.

The hardware inside has been enhanced during its development to make it possible for users to get an unforgettable experience.

Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Surround Gaming and Entertainment Soundbar - Hardware Processing, Supports Dolby Digital 5.1 Decoding, Bluetooth-Enabled, for PC, Mac, PS4, and Other Consoles
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