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Gaming Bean bag chairs, the quirky and comfortable Gaming Bean Bag Chair furniture most likely found in a teenager’s bedroom or in a man cave, were incredibly popular back in the 1970s. Not only due to their appeal and comfort during gaming sessions but rather since they also stir up fun childhood memories, this article will round-up some of the best bean bag chairs available on the market.

These pieces of furniture may have fallen out of favor in the 1980s due to their uncomfortable original designs, however, nowadays, an increasing number of companies have integrated certain features which have won customers over. Ranging from new ergonomic patterns to innovative manufacturing techniques and contemporary fabric types, bean bag chairs are seeing a comeback.

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If you have ever struggled to find the right Gaming Bean Bag Chair furniture which could complete your luxurious private space, the Chill Sack Bean Bag has got you covered. Featuring a whopping choice of 2 colors, this over sized lounger is able to provide players with ample space which adapts to the natural curvature of their spine, allowing for longer gaming sessions. Equipped with shredded memory foam, the goal of the gaming bean bag chair is not only to provide a soft and supporting surface but rather to possess enough durability to maintain your body shape, creating the ultimate relaxation experience.

In terms of ease of maintenance, it features a super soft micro-suede cover which makes it easy to remove and clean. This USA-born product is one of the most renowned brands of making such high-quality furniture, and so there is no surprise that 5-foot bean bag is an increasingly popular buyer choice.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Suitable for more than one people
  • Available in 23 colors
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Durable, double stitched for increased strength
  • Integrated shredded memory foam for ergonomic purposes
  • Needs re-shaping after every use/goes flat quick
  • Heavy despite appearance

Featuring a stylish and unique design meant for lovers of soccer, basketball or football, the soccer ball bean bag chair is another popular choice, all due to its comfortable materials and soft characteristics. While there are only 3 colors to choose from, what separates this product from others on the market is the 20-percent denser UltimaX beans which are designed to create a tougher and more durable piece of furniture.

According to Big Joe’s website, although it’s an undeniable fact that most bean bags will ultimately compress over time, the Soccer Bean Bag’s cover is meant to last for years, provided that it is handled with care. Additionally, all bean bags are made to be refilled, and the Ultima X beans are sold separately, for user convenience.

In other words, this product is perfect if you’re looking for furniture with personality –the Big Joe Soccer Bean Bag chairs will add life to your game of Pro Evolution or FIFA. Additionally, if you love an ethical company, you’ll be pleased to learn that the brand donates some profits to charities such as the National Children’s Advocacy Center.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Double stitched and double zippers for added strength and safety
  • Unique designs (soccer, football, basketball)
  • Affordable price
  • Integrated 20-percent denser UltimaX beans which conform to your body shape and weight
  • Customers have complained about the bean bags shrinking down to half of their original size within only a few months

This bean bag gives players a chance to relax in both style and comfort. Featuring five different colors, this is a great addition to any bedroom or gaming room. The slipcover can be easily removed in order to clean it, either in a machine washer or simply by spot cleaning it whenever accidents happen.

While some reviewers acknowledge that this product is big enough to fit more than one adult or two children, some tend to disagree. Obviously, the sizes it accommodates for will largely depend upon weight size, body type, and personal preferences.

Reviewers are also prone for meriting the value for money of this Flash Furniture Over-sized Solid Red Bean Bag Chair, as its price tag is worth the features and level of comfort it offers. While the product’s beads need to be replaced every once in a while, they are securely contained with a metal safety zipper. This means that you won’t need to worry about them rolling out all over your floor during a game.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Lightweight design
  • Cotton-Twill upholstery is easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in 5 quirky and dynamic colors
  • Could fit more than one adult
  • Product inconsistencies (some bean bags have more beads than others)

This bean bag gaming chair has been designed by a veteran company which has been around for 8 years. Featuring a compact design which can be integrated into virtually any room, big or small, the product is most suited for one adult. Whether you’re interested in reading, watching movies or playing video games, this ergonomic chair is filled with pressure resistant furniture grade memory foam, which is wrapped around an incredibly soft micro suede cover. The cover can be conveniently removed at any time, either in order to be changed or washed, and it is effortlessly easy to dry.

Moreover, due to smart compact design (24" H x 36" W x 36" D), the chair can be a great option for a traveler’s pack, as the bottom part of this small and compact bean bag chair has the ability to grow to its full intended size within a matter of minutes.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Available in 15 colors
  • Frustration-free packaging
  • Integrated furniture-grade memory foam designed for increased durability and comfort
  • Ideal for smaller spaces (i.e. dorm room)
  • May be too short or a bit too small if you are tall or more muscular

Featuring 14 different shades and 5 large sizes (ranging from 4 XL to 8 XL), the Fugu gaming Bean Bag Chair may be the ideal option if you’re keen on products with integrated foam. And there’s a lot of it, considering that this bean bag has 42 cubic feet of first use pillow grade foam. Additionally, due to its impressive size, even for the "small" products, the Fugu has a double layer construction. The first layer is meant to provide adequate lumbar and spinal support, whereas the second is motion transferring and pressure resistant.

In other words, this cheap bean bag is an ergonomic product with much to offer. Reviewers seem to agree, as there is little complaint relating to the Fugu. Customers seem to have underestimated the overall size of the bean bag; however, that’s not considered a drawback. With the ability to accommodate for more than one adult, the USA-born gaming bean bag chair is furthermore durable, due to the internal protective liner containing foam filler. This makes it both easy and possible to remove and wash the external cover in order to create a safe and toxic-free environment for either playing games or just watching movies.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Different sizes available (ranging from 4 XL to 8 XL); along with multiple colors
  • Product integrates 42 cubic feet of first use pillow grade foam
  • Almost unique double layer construction; unprecedented for bean bags at this price point
  • Durable microfiber external cover which is easy to clean
  • Urethane foam which is superior to the polystyrene beans as it doesn’t go flat as quickly
  • Requires adequate space; not ideal for smaller spaces

Any player dreams of a setup in which they can seamlessly enjoy console gaming. The Big Joe Smart-Max Duo Bean Bag Chair may prove to be a good solution for hardcore gamers who thrive off long marathons. Featuring durable, stain-resistant, easily cleaned and water-resistant Smart-Max fabric, this sleek all-black product resembles a normal armchair, allowing players for ample space to relax in. Additionally, there are two conveniently-placed pockets located on the side of the bean bag chair, making it easy to hold any controller, remove or favorite game within arm’s reach, literally.

In terms of the product’s filing, the bean bag uses Ultima X Beans, which are sold separately should the chair go flat over time. As previously mentioned, ergonomics is a vital aspect, and the Big Joe Smart-Max Duo gaming Bean Bag Chair ensures that both your spine and your neck are supporting during gaming. Unlike other products, this bean bag alleviates the risk of aches, strains or injuries, since there is an all-around support system.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The two side pockets for storage are a nice touch
  • Tough, stain-resistant, easily cleaned and water-resistant SmartMax fabric
  • Ergonomic design for both lumbar and neck support
  • Affordable price
  • Product is not well-known; difficult to find independent reviews on it

Considered the ultimate in comfortable convenience, the Lux by Big Joe Cube & Ottoman Bean Bag offers a casual yet luxurious seating, all while being incredibly lightweight. In addition to the increased portability, you have the option of customizing the look of this bean bag, ranging from options like the color (gray union or pecan) to the fabric.

Moreover, the cube-shaped product is accompanied by a matching ottoman which gives gamers the option to relax their feet during long gaming sessions. The filling of this bean bag chair comprises of body-conforming UltimaX beans, which is something that Big Joe has already accustomed us to.

In terms of maintenance, the Lux Cube & Ottoman requires gentle cleaning products which don’t contain harsh chemicals, and there is no option of machine washing it, but rather you can easily spot clean the entire bean bag.

When it comes to reviews, it seems that most buyers are quick to praise the cube due to its lightness and level of comfort offered, however, others express concerns about the overall height of the product, which makes some feel like they’re sitting on the floor.


If you are looking to buy a gaming bean bag chair which is suitable, then you need to understand that each design is each design is different in terms of features. While a seasoned buyer would know what to look for, most people need to learn a little more in order to make the best buying choice.

Here are some aspects which need your consideration before deciding what to buy:

Design and support

Although most bean bags have a classic round shape, there are other options available as well (i.e. elongated or pear-shaped). Nonetheless, your decision should revolve around your own unique needs and the level of support that you’re aiming for. The feature which differentiates bean bags from other chairs is comfort and design.

While you will be able to sit on bean bags in many different ways and postures, if you’re looking for a gaming bean bag chair, you need to take into consideration ergonomics. For example, if you’re comfortable with the idea of only playing for a couple of hours, limited support is ideal for your circumstances, considering the short period of time it will be used for.

  • Type of Upholstery

The second variation in a gaming bean bag chair is the type of upholstery that has been used in manufacturing that piece of furniture. While back in the day most companies used cotton and nylon, nowadays vinyl, leather, suede or combination of vinyl and leather are the preferred materials.

In addition to these upholsterers providing a more modern look, certain types are easier to clean and maintain. For example, if you’re prone to spilling your drink or knocking your water over while in a gaming marathon, choose a fabric like leather and vinyl. These will also be ideal for players who are prone to getting cold easily, as leather retains heat. Otherwise, choose a washable fabric, such as cotton and nylon, which are machine washable.

  • Faux Leather – commonly made from PVC, with a leather grain embossed into the fabric.
  • Faux Suede – offers the soft-to-the-touch feel made from 100polyester which replicates a velvety feel. Characterized by easier care & maintenance.
  • Outdoor Beanbags – often made from polyester, they are water resistant and easy to wipe clean; they also retain their shape more easily.  
  • Cotton - made from 100 cotton, this is a practical and durable material. It also can be machine washed at 30° for easy care.


This feature goes hand-in-hand with ergonomics, as fillings are responsible for providing you with the desired level of comfort. While dried beans, rice, and corn were the popular choices in the 70s, however, due to advancements in technology, better alternatives are now available. Polypropylene pellets, Styrofoam, or polystyrene balls are the popular alternatives to dried beans, as they create a softer and more comfortable experience for gamers.

Other Features

Fire retardant – for fire safety purposes.
Double Zipped – helps prevent beans spilling out.
Double Stitching – for increased strength and practicality.
Ease of cleaning - faux leather and outdoor fabrics are easy to wipe clean from sticky fingers and spilled drinks.

Our Top Pick

Although all of the products featured in this round-up have multiple merits and impressive characteristics, we consider the Fugu Bean Bag Chair as being superior to the other mentioned products. In addition to featuring a variety of different colors and sizes which allows customers for increased customization and flexibility, this bean bag chair appears ideal for gaming purposes –due to its ergonomic design.

Featuring 42 cubic feet of memory foam pillow, along with a double layer construction, this product is designed to create a supporting surface which allows for both lumbar and spinal support. Durable and efficient, the Fugu is a great product with an equally great price tag.

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