The Best Microphone For ASMR

ASMR is super helpful for lots of ppl who struggle with anxiety and depression, so it makes sense that lots want to do it. If you’re wanting to start recording your own ASMR, the first thing you need to think about is your microphone purchase.

You can work out what microphone will be good for ASMR, primarily because the videos depend so much on your microphone set up. Getting a high quality microphone for ASMR will make it so that your video succeeds and are considered professional, instead of just mediocre.

To choose the best ASMR microphones, you need to consider so many things, including technical specifications and price point. You might want to consider planning out exactly what sounds the microphone will be picking up, as you can get different sound specifications with different microphones and that might better or hinder you depending on what kind of sound you’re wanting.

Regardless of what kind of ASMR you’re getting in to or what type of microphone specifications you want, we have a list of the best ASMR microphones that you can look at instead of doing your research! Scroll down to see our favorite microphones and choose yours or go all the way to the bottom to hear about our all-time favorite.

What is ASMR?

Everyone has heard about or seen the high quality best ASMR videos that are sweeping the internet these days. It’s said that watching and listening to these can help with so many things: insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, etc. Many people even start doing it on their channel, so they can help other people or even themselves.

If you haven’t heard of any of these best ASMR videos, let me tell you a little bit about them! ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response which describes a tingling sensation at the crown of your head when responding to a range of audiovisual stimulation such as whispering tapping and hand movements.

There seems to be a division in the viewers: some find it relaxing or relieving, while others are bored or turned off by ASMR videos. These videos have been explained by many as being relieving because it is a distraction, similar to that of a cognitive-behavioral technique (meditation, guided relaxation), that gets us from the pain or stress that brought us to the video in the first place.

ASMR videos only increase your happiness or relaxation if you are someone who can experience ASMR. To see if you can, try out a few videos or even a tester video such as this one to see if you can experience ASMR. If you don’t feel any tingling or relaxation, you are most likely not affected by it-- but that doesn’t mean you can’t make videos for other people!

So, if you want to start ASMR yourself, you’ll need a the best ASMR microphone! Below we detail all the different microphones that are known for being suitable for ASMR. Read ahead and pick your favorite things, or go all the way down to the bottom to see our favorite and purchase it now!

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Reviews of the Best Microphones for ASMR

This microphone for the best ASMR has it all. The Blue Yeti mic was always one of the top ASMR microphones, and will probably stay that way for a long time. The Blue Yeti microphone has a tri-capsule system, meaning that it can pick up sounds from anywhere around the mic and translate that directly into 360 sound for your viewer.

Additionally, the Blue Yeti high end Mic has multiple pattern selections, including cardioid, stereo, omni directional, and bidirectional. It is known for its zero-latency microphone output. You don’t need any additional equipment with this microphone because it all comes in the box. The Blue Yeti Microphone is equipped with easy access to microphone gain, mute, volume, and pattern selection right on the base.

Buyers  Liked

  • Zero-Latency Microphone Output
  • Easy Access Buttons
  • Tri-Capsule System

Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Hard for Computer to Recognize at First

This high end mic is another Blue Yeti, just an older version, and a different color. We strongly recommend that you choose the Blackout Version, but if you can’t afford it, this is a great alternative! You will need something with a USB port to connect this to your device correctly, so if you want to work from an iPad or something similar knows that it you might need to invest in an adapter as well.

The audio headphones that these come with aren’t the best for what you’re paying, so we would also suggest purchasing some other headphones that better fit the purpose of what you’re doing. The microphone alone is $100, so if you want to settle for that and not get the bundle, you can do so!

You don’t need to install any software, sign up for something, or go to a specific website settings to get this microphone to work. The Blue Yeti Mic works as soon as it is plugged into your computer, and is simple to get plugged in too.

The filter has a strange attachment to the mic, but it’s easy to use and effective once you figure it out. If you’re having trouble with it, there’s also an instruction manual that comes in handy with this bundle package.

Buyers Liked

  • Bundle Package Includes Headphones
  • Good Price
  • USB Connection – Simple

Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Headphones Have Bad Quality

This is another Blue brand, but it’s a different style of audio microphone: the Snowball iCE Microphone. If you want for a simple and stylish microphone, this is your choice! The Blue Snowball iCE Microphone has a custom condenser capsule that provides crystal clear sound in all you do, especially ASMR.

Keep in mind that this is another USB plug-in device, but it makes it so that you don’t need to install software or drivers, and you don’t need to sign up for something or go to any websites.

If you want to do high end ASMR, you’ll have to do a lot of audio sound quality recording with this microphone. The pickup on sound is so high that it sometimes picks up background noise that you might want to edit out. If you're going to improve the audio quality, install a boom arm to get the microphone closer to your face and put a filter pop on it. This will remove a lot of the extra sound and then the rest can be edited out with audacity.

Buyers Liked

  • High Sound Pickup
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy to Use
  • Aesthetically Pleasing on a Desk

Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Sometimes too High on Sound Pickup

This microphone is unique in that it has a compact and portable design. That means that if you are a remote worker and want to make videos wherever you go, you can take this with you safely and without worrying about damage to your Microphone Kit!

The Microphone Kit has a cardioid pattern and a high sampling rate at 192kHz/24bit. If you want to connect it to your computer, your ps4, or your Xbox you can! The Microphone Kit combines into anything with a USB 2.0 port.

You don’t need to add any software, drivers, or sign up for anything to record-- plugin and go! The feedback you get in this is excellent, and will not disrupt your play. Additionally, the stand it comes on is very sturdy and made entirely out of metal. It also comes with a noise-canceling feature on the stand at a good price range.

The features, weight and build qualities on this audio microphone are great, although a few customers said it was a little too heavy to be transported often in the case it comes with. A few others mentioned that they had a hard time with the sound in the beginning and that it was really low for platforms like Twitch or recording on Audacity.


Buyers Liked

  • Compact and Portable
  • Good Weight and Build
  • Easy Connection
  • Noise Cancellation

Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Low Sound in Some Cases

This high end microphone is excellent for the price point it’s set at! It also doesn’t require any software or driver installation, and you plug it in to a port on your computer or laptop, and you can start using it immediately and has great features.

The Amazon Basics Microphone comes on an adjustable stand with two prongs shaped to match the microphone and keep it in place. The mic comes with a headphone jack, which is something that we didn’t see on a lot of the other microphones.

You can’t control anything within iOS or Microsoft, but that’s because it should all already be programmed into your microphone. Plus, if you’re familiar with how to set up a microphone in the first place and want to get started, it can be excellent to get you set up and going quick.

Buyers Liked

  • Simple Setup
  • Headphone Jack
  • USB Connection

Buyers Didn’t Like

  • No Control from iOS or Windows

The most important thing to any ASMR video maker is their microphone. When first starting, you might want to start cheap and work your way to a better microphone with features but that’s not the way to do it! If you have a lousy microphone, your viewers won’t enjoy your content as much, and you won’t get what you need to purchase a better microphone. Invest now and let that pay off in the long run.

If you don’t know how to look for a good ASMR microphone, you can look at three things: sound quality, self-noise, and direction of the sound. The sound quality refers to how the sound comes when you upload your video, and your viewers are listening.

Sound direction is another important factor of choosing a microphone. Ideally, you would select a microphone like the Blue Yeti Blackout Edition that has multiple choices for sound directions, but if you can’t here’s how you can decide: an omnidirectional microphone picks up sound from all directions, and a bidirectional microphone picks it up in two directions. You’ll want a bidirectional microphone if you want to get the effect of hearing sound in both ears, for your viewers.


If you want to get started with the best ASMR microphones, the way to go is to buy expensive and get your investment back in views. This way, you are giving your viewers the best quality sound features and background noise reduction therefore, the best quality ASMR.

We believe that the best ASMR microphones are by far, the Blue Yeti Microphone - Blackout Edition. This microphone offers all the qualities, including omnidirectional and bidirectional sound pickup, high-quality sound, and a great feedback system.

The Blue Yeti Microphone - Blackout Edition is excellent to get started and will last the span of the time you’re doing ASMR. Additionally, it has the best ASMR qualities for sound meaning that your viewers will be getting the highest quality available.

So what are you waiting for? Get it now!

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