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Dreaming about the best gaming mouse pads or Razor gaming pad for the perfect gaming set-up is a reality for players; nowadays many users spend an increasingly high number of hours searching for the ideal keyboards, and headsets. And that’s because even upgrading the simplest elements can add value to your gaming experience, all while improving performance.

Because we understand that, in this article we will outline the best gaming mouse pads, in order for this all-inclusive guide to help you make an informed decision about your up-coming purchase.

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This product features an integrated dual-sided mouse pad, which is great if you’re looking to improve your overall gaming experience. When it comes to appearance, one side looks grainier and allows for maximum control, whereas the second side is smooth and is designed to increase your speed.

Aside from this aspect, the gaming mouse pad is equipped with an ergonomic comfort-gel wrist rest which protect you from carpal tunnel problems, all whilst increasing your gaming endurance.

Bearing this in mind, it’s no surprise that users claim that the Vespula offers the ideal combination of surfaces in order to fit different playing styles. In other words, since the goal of a best gaming mouse pad is to provide comfort, speed, and control, we will agree that it delivers.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Larger than your average mouse pad
  • Two sides aimed at both speed and control
  • Comfort-gel wrist rest designed to help users play for longer periods
  • Non-slip surface for maximum control
  • Wrist rest could help players struggling with wrist injuries
  • Moderate performance gains
  • Surface of the pad is commonly known for peeling off and “bubbling”

Due to the fact that this product is substantially larger than the average mouse pad, you will need to ensure that your desk has enough space and is free of clutter, all before purchasing the Gigantus. Nonetheless, if it’s important for you to reduce the need of repositioning your mouse in between swipes, than this product may be a great place to start.

Featuring a flat surface, the Razer Gigantus has been especially designed for eSports athletes. This means that you can benefit from a smooth glide which will increase your accuracy. Additionally, since eSports gamers are multitasking at any given time, this product is optimized to be highly responsive.

When it comes to reviews, the Gigantus ranks quite highly, with users mentioning the smoothness of the surface, which is especially comfortable for your wrists and palms. Additionally, you can often find players mentioning the low sensitivity which give your games the deserved flow.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Sturdy mouse mat (5 mm thick high density foam and a rubberized base); doesn’t move around
  • Highly comfortable despite being solid
  • Larger than most gaming mouse mat
  • Ideal for low sensitivity gaming
  • Will require adequate desk space
  • Pilling can occur due to prolonged friction

The Glorious Gaming Mouse Mat has been engineered with gaming in mind, and the end product is an extended mouse pad aimed at providing support for both keyboard and mouse. It features a solid base which is great because it helps reduce noise and movement, allowing for a higher quality gaming experience.

Additionally, there are several sizes available. If that’s important for you, than the Glorious Extended may be a great place to start. And that’s because it allows for ample movement space.

Due to the fact that the mouse mat features stitched edges, this will prevent it from peeling and breaking, and that’s a fact that customers swear by. This means that not only will this help increase the product’s lifespan, but the aesthetic aspect will not change, unlike other products.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Supports both mouse and keyboard
  • Anti-slip rubber base for maximum control
  • Available in 2 colours (black and white)
  • Low Friction (stitched edges prevent peeling)
  • 1 year Guaranteed Warranty
  • Although advertised as machine washable, washing can result in “bubbling”

Available in five different sizes (ranging from L to XXXL), this gaming pad may be a great choice if you always seem to lack space. Featuring an extremely high quality multispandex material, the pad allows for a soft and stable gaming experience. Also adding value to the product, the anti-fraying edge stitching ensures that time won’t damage your mouse pad.

In regards to its performance, the product is equipped with a rubber grip which allows for ease of movement and increased stability. The Gaming Mouse Pad XXXL is also made out of eco and non-toxic materials. If the environmental friendly aspect is important for you, than this may be the perfect fit. Otherwise, no fear, because this mouse pad comes with a 1 year guaranteed-warranty.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Incredibly large mouse pad (36 Inches x 16.5 Inches x 0.158 Inches)
  • Smooth surface aimed at increased control, speed, and accuracy
  • Eco-friendly and risk-free
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Anti-Slip
  • Although advertised as machine washable, it may still absorb water

Featuring 9 lighting options, this LED mouse pad may a good choice if you’re looking for a unique product to help you stand out. In addition to its exquisite appearance, this RGB gaming mouse mat makes use of a micro-textured finish. This allows for increased accuracy, comfort and speed. No matter what your gaming needs are, the Led Mouse pad aims to deliver. The surface is sturdy, while the size is quite standard for gaming (13.8x 9.8x 0.2inches).

If you’re looking for a pad for your mouse solely, than this may be the product for you. And customers seem to agree, saying that it allows for enough movement space, so you won’t need to reposition your mouse in between swipes.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • High-quality, sturdy mouse pad
  • Multiple LED lights (9 options)
  • USB cord provided is long, thus can be tucked away easily
  • Good size (13.8x 9.8x 0.2inches)
  • All the settings can be accessed through the touch sensor
  • Design may not suit some players
  • Thickness leaves much to desire


Smooth vs. Textured

Amongst the things to consider is the texture density of your mouse pad. There are two types you should know about: smooth and textured.

On the one hand, a smooth surface will maximize your movement freedom. This means that you will be able to have smoother and faster reactions. On the other hand, a textured material will allow for more control and more precise movements. However, if you’re just unsure about what play style is most suited for you, there is a solution: dual-sided mouse pads are available, and they utilize the best of both worlds.

Surface Freedom vs. Stability

Ergonomics is a particularly important aspect, and that is especially true for professional gamers. More specifically, if you’re prone to wrist injuries or carpal tunnel, than you should opt for a mouse pad with integrated wrist cooling gels. However, bear in mind that the adjustment may take some time, particularly if you’ve been playing without that support for years and years. The bonus is that you will increase your gaming endurance, all while reducing fatigue and limiting pain.


When choosing the best gaming mouse pad for you, you need to take into consideration your mouse’s sensor. On the one hand, soft surfaces can be ideal for those suffering from wrist injuries (i.e. cloth), and that’s due to the padding which offers much needed wrist support.

On the other hand, hard surfaces such as aluminium are known for their prolonged durability. Additionally, this material is usually waterproof and easy to clean. Thus if you’re the proud owner of a laser sensor mouse, hard surfaces tend to be the better choice.

Our Top Pick

There are countless brands which offer high-quality products, and although most of them do ensure high performance, one brand does stand out.

We believe that the Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat is superior in terms of both quality and features. The dual-sided mouse pad provides control and speed, and it may prove useful for users who are unsure what their ideal play style. Additionally, the integrated comfort-gel wrist rest is designed to help gamers play for longer periods of time, all while protecting against carpal tunnel. Last but not least, this larger-than-average mouse pad ensures comfortable player movement. With all these aspects in mind, this is an overall great product which is clearly worth its price tag.

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