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Hey guys I'm Paul I'm the owner of Console cabin.
This all started when my best friend Jay created a site in the gaming sector selling an Xbox game of death program but unfortunately he passed away from an unexpected illness very suddenly.
I decided to keep the domain in his honor and after a few years created this website.

I decided to create the website and develop it into a gaming review platform to help people learn and decide what types of gaming products there are out there on the market place in a several different categories. I set up the FB page here https://www.facebook.com/consolecabin/
A lot of the products have been tested manually like the controllers and the game units , plenty of the games and a lot of the computer peripherals like cards, keywords and screens as we are also fans of building computers and online gaming from PS3/4 to  5 and Xbox platforms as well.

Back in the early days when I fist got a computer i used to play Medal of Honor on the PC sitting at my office desk on my new HP Pavilion desktop. My son used to sit under the table watching me sometimes without me even knowing as I had a headset on yelling at the screen so not only could I not see him but I couldn't hear he was there  lol

Those early days of him watching me play not only on the PC but also on my PS2 at the time playing games like 007 where we used  the controller thumbstick for both up and down and side to side movement all in one stick, actually taught him his love of gaming also.
Now my son owns not only his own online business empire but also has built his own high Tech gaming computer with see through cabling and air cooled system that all glows.

We love to bring you as many gaming product reviews as we can and help guide you through making the best game and game peripherals as possible. Happy gaming.

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