The Best MMO Mouses For Gaming

Not every mouse is designed specifically for MMO games. If you’ve ever played WoW, Guild Wars 2, or LOL, you already how many buttons you need to press. However, we believe that having a couple extra buttons shouldn’t mean that you compromise in other areas.

That’s why in this article we’ve selected some of the best MMO mouses available on the market, taking into account things like ergonomics, accuracy and DPI.

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Featuring a smart sleek design and features that are rarely matched by other products in this price range, the Razer Naga can freely be adjusted to sensitivities up to 16000 CPI, making it one of the world’s most precise gaming mice.

In terms of the overall design, the Razer Naga features a high profile and a plethora of thumb buttons. This is spot-on for players who have already become accustomed to palm grips. It may take a while for those who’ve never used such a design before, but ultimately, this is an ergonomic and comfortable product. Surprisingly light, this 19-button gaming house is fully-customizable. This includes the ability to adjust the sensitivity level, assigning macros, or modifying surface calibration.

Reviewers seem to agree that this product is both easy-to-use to comfortable, making its design ideal for high-level MMO games.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Great build quality
  • Customizable Chroma lighting, ideal for multiple profiles
  • 12-button thumb grid
  • Powerful 16000 CPI laser sensor
  • Great wireless range and functionality
  • Ease-to-use and straightforward software
  • Reasonably priced
  • The shape and thumb grid might take some getting used to

Specifically designed for gamers, the EUASOO Mouse is wrapped in a textured coating which feels both soft and firm on your fingers. There are a total of 13 programmable buttons on the mouse and 5 savable memory profiles, each with a distinct light color for quick and efficient identification. A nice touch is the fact that you can disable any button you have no use for.

This gaming mouse is great for MMO games, and the overall design is quite sleek. The LED lighting has 4 brightness levels and 4 breathing speed levels. The 13 buttons are made out of high quality Omron micro switches, which provide a firm, yet smooth, clicking experience.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Mouse cable is 6 feet long and braided; ensures greater durability.
  • Omron micro switches provide crisp, firm clicks
  • 13 programmable buttons
  • LED lighting
  • Smart and comfortable design
  • DPI could be higher than 4000

If you’re ever looked for a high-performance product which is specifically designed for left-handed players, this may just the one for you. Featuring a plethora of thumb buttons, 12 to be more specific, along with simple software interface, the Razer Naga provides everything that hardcore MMO players could wish for.

Reviewers do mention that the claw-grip may be somewhat hard to use, however, palm-grip players can easily rest on the ergonomic curve specifically designed for added comfort. That’s because all buttons have adequate space between them, not meaning that this makes the mouse any bulkier or harder to use than others.

The Naga also sports a generous DPI range, from 100 to 8,200. This is quite impressive considering that MMO games rely on rapid keystrokes, and let’s not forget that users can customize DPI for the X and Y-axes. All in all, a great gaming mouse for MMO games.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Optimized design for MMO players
  • Easy-to-use customizable software
  • Twelve distinct programmable thumb buttons
  • Wide and comfortable design
  • Tilting scroll wheel
  • Design makes claw grip slightly more difficult
  • Resting your thumb on the thumbpad can be uncomfortable

Razer has always delighted the market by designing superior products; and the Razer Mamba is no exception. The design of the mouse carries all the hallmarks of the Razer brand –beautiful curves and angles, matte black texture, and multiple buttons to play with.

In terms of looks, this gaming mouse does impress, considering that it’s smooth and comfortable, and the sides are coated in a rubber which prevents accidental slips. Additionally, the mouse curves exquisitely, being comfortable for both pal-grip and claw-grip players.

Performance-wise, the Razer Mamba is a wireless mouse, however, don’t be discouraged. The battery life is excellent, and it’s easy to recharge it via the charging dock.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Great software suite
  • Wireless
  • Durable and solid build
  • Excellent battery life
  • Impressive unique design
  • 16,000 DPI 5G laser sensor
  • A bit expensive

Featuring 17 MMO-optimized buttons which allow you to program multiple in-game commands, along with a customizable interface for Add-ons, this gaming mouse is both ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing.

In terms of its technical aspects, the Razer Naga is precise and accurate, offering a DPI of 5.600 and 3.5G laser sensor, which is quite high and efficient for any MMO game player. When speaking about the visuals of the mouse, the quality of the Razer brand shines through: there is an LED glow on all buttons, the mouse wheel and on the base of the mouse, all encompassed in a classic matt black paint job. Although slightly more expensive, its features easily explain the price tag.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Useful control software with cloud functionality
  • Precise high-resolution sensor
  • Solid design and build quality
  • Smart matte black design
  • Unique button arrangement takes time to get used to
  • No dedicated sensitivity adjustment or weight adjustment

What better way to win over Call of Duty fans than by creating a unique design which plays to their heart strings? The Razer DeathAdder Chroma is equipped with a 10.000 DPI optical sensor, able to provide players with the precision and accuracy every MMO gamer dreams of. Additionally, with movement speeds of up to 300 inches per second, you can move fast or slow, depending on your in-game strategy.

The brand suggests that the gaming mouse is designed to fit snugly under your palm, and reviewers seem to agree. Buyers speak of the product being able to provide a comfortable gaming experience, especially due to the rubber side grips which reduce accidental slips. This means you can now be in full control of even the most testing battles.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • 10.000 DPI
  • One-of-a-kind Call Of Duty design
  • Up to 300 inches per second*/50g acceleration
  • Seven-foot, lightweight braided fiber cable
  • Ergonomic right-handed design with textured rubber side grips
  • Affordable price
  • Some reviewers have complained about the mouse jittering

Featuring a generous vertical curve, the Razer Mamba is versatile in terms of how easy it is to use by players with different gaming styles (i.e. palm, tip grip or claw grip styles). However, it’s quite clear that this gaming mouse is most suitable for shooters. We say that also because of the powerful sensors which works hand in hand with the on-the-fly-adjustment buttons.

In terms of software, the Mamba runs on the Synapse 2.0 operating system, which according to reviewers is an excellent program which combines the features with the intuitive interface and smart design. You are able to program each of the Mamba’s buttons, play with the LED lights, or otherwise change the DPI. This is particularly helpful when playing faster-paced games and with 16.000 DPI should provide you with unsurpassable accuracy, meaning that you’ll have an even greater edge over your enemies.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Excellent in-game performance
  • On-the-fly DPI switching is simple and useful
  • Intuitive software
  • Great ergonomics and body design
  • “Grippy” materials make it easier to handle
  • Some blank spots in Chroma lighting


There is a chance that you’re reading this article out of pure interest, rather than a need for a gaming mouse. However, a question might have popped up in your mind; do I need a special mouse in order to get a great in-game advantage?

 If this is in the predicament in which you’re in at the moment, don’t fret. This valid question is about to be answered, as we will outline some of the benefits gaming mice may give you, and you can decide for yourself

Comfort and Ergonomics

When it comes to any gaming setup, ergonomics should be the top priority. And because players are prone to suffering from wrist sprains, injuries or carpal tunnel, it’s important to choose a product which fits well and allows you to play or train for hours on end.

Palm design: Considered the most popular type of grip, this is a natural and relaxed method of letting your hand rest. Such mice are usually longer and wider; less suited for games requiring agility and rapid movements.

Tip design: Offering the least restrain of the hand and wrist, this type of design is suitable for players looking for ultimate speed. These mice tend to be lightweight in order to support this specific playstyle.

Claw design: Popular with RTS and Action-RTS games, it involves the fingers being arched in a claw-like shape. Ideal for controlled movements.

Extra Buttons

Except for a couple of exceptions (i.e. the Razer DeathAdder Chroma), gaming mice feature a plethora of buttons. In addition to the buttons which you’re already used to (left, right, mouse scroll wheel), gaming mice have an abundance of thumb buttons, as many as 12. Each of them can be mapped to particular functions, according to your preferences. Although this may be bothersome to begin with, in a couple of days these gaming mice will feel like second nature.

Imagine being able to map buttons to MMORPG spells, FPS weapons, or other controls which are vital to your gameplay.

Precision Optics

Any gamer will tell you that DPI (dots per inch), or otherwise the correct term - CPI (counts per inch) - are vital when looking for the best MMO gaming mouse. If you’re confused about these terms, simply understand that they describe how often and how quickly the mouse reads its relative position.

In other words, a higher DPI will have more reads per second, making the gaming mouse move much quicker without compromising on precision or accuracy. Because MMO games are extremely dependent on multiple mouse movements, it’s vital that your mouse translates the accuracy which you desire.

Weight Settings

Our last feature centers on your personal preferences. Although this won’t dictate your gaming experience, it may make it a more pleasurable one. Most higher-end gaming mice come with removable weights which can be found within the body of the mouse. In other words, you are able to either add or remove the weights, depending on your individual preferences.

 If you’re unsure about what we mean, here is an example: if you enjoy games which require fast and frantic movements, a lightweight mouse will make it easier for you to move around quickly and efficiently. In comparison, if your game focuses on precision aiming, then a heavyweight mouse might be suitable for your playing style

Our Top Pick

Taking into consideration the importance of features such as precision optics and ergonomics, it’s hard not to merit the Razer DeathAdder Chroma for the outstanding product which it is. Originally designed in 2006, this gaming mouse can be viewed as a classic, offering an abundance of features which although simple, are undoubtedly reliable and well-thought. Featuring 10.000 DPI and a natural "W"-shape wrapped around a matte texture, the Chroma offers comfort and ergonomics at a great price tag.

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