Best Gaming Chairs Under 200

Although many gamers are simply looking for the best gaming chair under 200 which despite their price tag don’t compromise on ergonomics and design, others are prepared to invest slightly more for higher-end features which can boost their gaming experience.

That’s why in this article we’ve searched and found several products which can be considered some of the best gaming chairs under 200. We’ll even reveal our top pick at the end of the article, the one you can enjoy and have fun with without having to spend far too much.

Reviews of the Best Gaming Chairs under 200

Reviews and Top Picks for the Best Gaming Chairs under $200. 



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If you’ve ever struggled to find a gaming chair which offers the feeling of luxury comfort, the X Rocker 51396 might just live up to your expectations. Ideal for marathon gaming sessions, this product has been designed for the needs of a serious gamer. More specifically, the gunstock arms bend downwards for ultimate comfort, supporting your wrists and reducing the risk of injuries. Moreover, there is no denying that the X Rocker resembles a massage chair, and the integration of multiple layers of fabric offers ample lumbar support.

Another feature which reviewers speak about is the incredible sound system. Because it uses a 2.1 AFM technology which creates sound vibrations, this gaming chair is perfect for those who find it uncomfortable to wear headphones after a couple of hours. With the X Rocker, you’ll get the best quality of sound effects, in addition to the ability to connect it to different devices via the wireless option.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Superior sound system
  • Ergonomic and comfort design
  • Compatible with gaming consoles (i.e. Xbox, Wii, Gameboy, PlayStation)
  • Lightweight despite appearance
  • Versatility, as you can connect two of these chairs to each other
  • Takes up quite a bit of space
  • Doesn’t connect to computers

Featuring a sleek and elegant racing car design, this product’s performance goes far beyond its appearance. Ergonomics is an important characteristic which any gamer will look for, and the Coavas allows players to rock the entire chair back and forth,  or seamlessly lean back into the thick padding which follows the natural curve of the spine. Moreover, the arched armrests are comfortable, especially for when you’re queuing for a game.

In regards to maintenance, reviewers expressed that this product is incredibly easy to clean, as the PU leather only needs to be wiped now and again. Additionally, a 30-day no questions-asked warranty is included, should you have any problems with this neat looking gaming chair.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Available in five different colors (white, blue, black, green, red)
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Luxurious design
  • 30-day Warranty
  • 280 lb. loading capacity
  • Some reviewers find it hard to assemble

Although this gaming chair was originally designed to heighten gaming experiences, its versatility makes it great for relaxing, reading, or other activities. With adjustable armrests and high-density polyester foam, the Superland gives players a soft and comfortable gaming experience. Because the arms are designed for an ergonomically correct sitting position, both in terms of height and on the side, the shoulder belt is relieved, lowering the risk of cramps, pins and needles, or more severe injuries.  

Another great feature is the integration of the headrest and adjustable lumbar support cushion, in addition to a tilt-mechanism angling all the way back down to 180 degrees. The leg support can be pulled outwards to allow for ultimate relaxation and in-between game recovery.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Adjustable strong armrests with delicate cushion mesh covers
  • Ideal for gamers looking for lumbar support
  • Durable, as base is reinforced by a strong butterfly seat base plate
  • Retractable pull-out leg support
  • Fire retardant (SGS and BIFMA certified)
  • Some reviewers have expressed concerns about assembly (no instructions included in package)

Featuring luxury mesh fabrics and PU leather upholstery, the HomCom has many of the same features of other gaming chairs. More specifically, incorporating a base which can swivel a full 360-degree, this height adjustable product is both durable and versatile. Ergonomics was also valued, as the comfortable chair has a 180-degree recline, head and lumbar support, all designed for health, convenience and mobility goals.
As with some of the other products we’ve previously reviewed, the assembly can be tricky. That’s because the assembly holes are slightly tight, needing a bit more attention and patience. However, this clean-cut gaming chair might be worth the effort considering all the features it offers at the relatively convenient price tag. 

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Good value for money
  • Stylish PU leather and wood executive design
  • Large lumbar support pillow and headrest
  • Only two colors to choose from (blue/red)

Although design and appearance should not be considered a top priority, it’s hard to look past it when it comes to the Ficmax gaming chair. Similar to chairs you’d expect to see at gaming events (i.e. eSports); this product is designed to increase concentration and relaxation during long marathons. Featuring lumbar support and neck pillows, the Ficmax uses very thick levels of padding, both around your spine and legs. In addition to the health implications (i.e. reducing blood clot risks), the gaming chair helps provide enough support and comfort for both home-gamers and pro-players alike.

And it’s possible to be able to keep this product for a long, long time. That's because the frame of the chair is made of metal and gas spring proof frame, which also makes it almost noiseless and doesn’t create any environmental distractions. It’s also easy to move, as the casters which support around 300 lb. are made for your convenience

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • USB electric massage unit included
  • Durable and sturdy chair frame
  • High-density sponge material for ultimate relaxation
  • Incorporated footrest for additional comfort
  • 300 lb. weight limit
  • Available in 8 colors
  • Great after-sale customer service
  • The footrest doesn’t have a lever or button, you have to manually pull it out

Featuring an ergonomic back-hugging design with incorporates lumbar and a headrest pillow, the WENSIX provides extended comfort and ambidexterity. Another great addition is the pull-out and flip-over footrest which gives players the option of added relaxation or strain relief.

Reviewers seem intrigued by the many different color patterns offered by the brand, and we must say that we’re impressed by the overall racing car style of the gaming chair. Additionally, the large back makes this product ideal for long gaming sessions, whereas the seat size (20.8×18.9inches) accommodates for different sized players. All in all, a good and reliable product with a reasonable-enough price tag.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Extremely thick padding all over the chair
  • Adjustable armrests and height
  • Incorporated lumbar and head pillow
  • Leg rest hides under the chair
  • Smooth leather-like textured design
  • 6 colors available
  • Armrests are not padded


In each of our articles on the best budget gaming chair , we have outlined some of the most important features you need to consider before making your purchase. Although you may find that some of these points are slightly repetitive, it’s because there are 3 main characteristics which will define the quality your gaming chair:

Ergonomic Design

This is the most critical point for users who spend prolonged amounts of time playing or training for competitions. It mainly relates to the simple fact that a good gaming chair will reinforce positive lumbar changes through its fully-adjustable features. There should always be a headrest which ensures relaxation of the cervical vertebrae and increases comfort levels. The same applies for lumbar support pillows.

The goal of the best gaming chairs is to provide the adaptability needed in order to match your body’s proportions and height through the use of adaptive chair mechanisms (i.e. tilting function, 360-degree swivel, removable headrests, etc.). That’s why you may find pro-players or even yourself in the situation in which you’re prepared to spend close to $200 in order to find features which work with little or no compromise in design.

Here are some of the critical types of ergonomic adjustments you should be bearing in mind:

Seat Height. Because people are fundamentally different (i.e. stature, needs), the height of the chair should reflect adaptability and ease of adjustment. This will guarantee that more than just one task can be performed comfortably while using the same chair

Armrest height control. This is important because a proper armrest height control will take the pressure and weight off your shoulders, ultimately releasing pressure from your spike and neck.

Seat pan slider. Allowing you to slide the seat forward or backward will give you ultimate comfort.

Tension control. This will allow you to either stiffen or loosen the tension level in the backrest.

Backrest Height.  The backrest can easily be considered one of the most important parts of an ergonomic gaming chair. And that is because you will need proper lumbar support in order to prevent any pain


The decision to invest a larger sum of money for a great gaming chair comes with the expectation that you will be using this product for quite some time. That’s why you need to ensure that each and every gaming chair you’ve got your eye on is durable.

More specifically, you need to understand the stability of the resistance cross; and that’s because a cheap product’s hydraulic system can easily break through the base and fall off. Although you may think you’re safe in having a warranty, you won’t want to order a product which you’ll need to return in a couple of weeks; unless you love sitting on the floor.

As a side note, the caster wheels of the gaming chair you’d like to purchase can also be important, in case you want to avoid scratching the floor (especially wooden ones), or if you wish to avoid any screeching sounds which may occur as a result of poorly designed wheels.


Many higher quality chair models are furnished using either synthetic meshes or various leathers. Regardless of the visual impact one or the other has on you; consider the fact that some of the best gaming chairs have upholstery which is hygroscopic.

This is just a fancy term which relates to the material’s capacity of absorbing moisture. This is particularly important for marathon gaming or intense training periods, as you won’t want to feel as if you’re stuck to the chair. In addition to this feeling causing discomfort and disrupting your concentration, it will raise your heat levels which can also cause elevated heart rates.

For example, if you tend to heat or sweat a lot, you should choose a breathable mesh-like material which provides high-levels of breathability. In comparison, if you’re prone to feeling cold, choose a material which has the ability to retain heat more efficiently (i.e. leather).

Our Top Pick

Our analysis has determined that the best gaming chair under $200 is the Ficmax Swivel Gaming Chair. In addition to its stunning design, this product does not compromise when it comes to ergonomics and comfort. Reviewers are increasingly positive about the high-level of support offered by the gaming chair, as the large seat provides ample back and spine support, all due to the high-density foam material padding. Since we’ve mentioned how important durability is, considering the financial investment you’re making, you’ll feel safe in knowing that the Ficmax has a metal frame which is both enduring and noiseless.

Another great feature is the incorporation of a massager which is easy to use via an USB port. This helps alleviate stress, further giving a high level of relaxation during gaming queues. The massager isn’t too harsh or too soft, providing a medium and adequate level of relief which targets spinal pressure points. Overall, this is an ideal option when searching for great performance without blowing your budget in the process!

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