The Best 4K TV For Gaming

4K has become quite popular in the last six years, but with so many brands to choose from, which are the best 4K TV for gaming? The best 4K TVs are not necessarily expensive. There are great choices at any price point and finding the right one is a matter of getting familiar with all the features and understanding how you watch TV. When it comes to picture quality, one size doesn't fit all, and people's preferences vary widely depending on their viewing habits. However, there are a few features that will make any 4K TV better for gaming. There are new technologies and additional options of screen size and best picture quality at every price point.

With all of the hype surrounding 4K TVs at the moment, it's no surprise that many people are looking to get their hands on one. They're becoming increasingly popular not just because they allow you to watch movies and shows in a resolution with four times more detail than 1080p, but also because gaming provides a whole new experience. With so many TVs on the market, it's understandable that consumers are wondering where they should invest their money.

Benefits of a 4k TV

A good place to start would be 4K TVs that are designed with gaming in mind. This list of the best 4K TVs for gaming includes all the absolute best available models on the market right now. You can rest assured that these televisions were chosen because they offer features that will provide you with a truly immersive experience whether it's your favorite FPS or an incredibly detailed racing game.

When it comes to technology, there is no better choice than OLED TV display panels. They have been used by companies like LG and Samsung due to their stunning picture quality, fast response times, and infinite contrast ratio.

One of the most important things people should consider when looking up these kinds of products online is whether or not they'll get enough time to enjoy their new purchase. If you're spending a lot of money, then you want to make sure that the TV you buy will remain relevant for as long as possible.

With this list, we'll be looking at all of the important aspects of the best 4K TVs for gaming and whether or not they rate well against their competition. We'll also be looking at factors like screen size, refresh rates, image quality, and response time, which are all important considerations when it comes to playing games on televisions. Console compatibility is another thing that should be taken into account given Sony's upcoming PlayStation VR headset, which is designed for use with its latest console.

If an ultra-high-definition experience isn't enough for gamers who have dreamed of playing their favorite titles in immersive virtual reality, then the PlayStation VR might be what they're looking for. It's set to release later this year and early models that use 4K TVs are likely to be compatible with it.

Features of a 4k TV

These kinds of products follow trends that are already established by similar technology like UHD Blu-ray players or smartphones with QHD displays, so there is no wrong choice when it comes to investing in a new TV. Keep reading if you want to find out more about these incredible sets and which ones should come first on your list.

The best 4K TVs will be those with OLED display screens. This technology has been used by brands like LG and Samsung for a long time. They use several different kinds of LEDs that can be placed very closely together to create incredibly detailed pictures on a large screen. This also allows the colors to come through just as strongly as they do in real life with stunning clarity and vibrant hues at all times.

OLED TVs are the best choice for gamers, there is a cheaper option that could be a good fit too. LED TVs use a different kind of LED system and can produce images with great clarity and vibrant colors as well. Their panels might not have the same ability to reproduce blacks, which means you won't get infinite contrast ratios, but they're still an excellent purchase if you're looking for something playable without spending too much money.

Great image quality isn't just about the type of TV screens that manufacturers use- it's also determined by how many pixels they have on their displays. If these kinds of features were all that mattered then Samsung would always top every list since its 4K TVs use tech called "Quad HD" which divides their pixels into four different subpixels. This results in much sharper images, but you'll also want to consider the size of your TV and how far away you will be sitting when using it.

Why You Should Buy A 4k TV

Even if you're buying a 4K television just for gaming purposes then there are still plenty of other things that can affect your experience. Refresh rates are important because higher numbers mean more detail- so the highest possible rate would be 120Hz (like on this Sony model ). Response times can determine how much blur is caused by fast-moving objects or whether or not they look jagged, so the best response time for gamers is between 1-4 ms ( like this LG model ). And having large amounts of contrast ratio makes scenes with high dynamic range look more realistic.

You should also consider how bright a TV can get if you're going to be spending a lot of time using it in well-lit areas or how much input lag will slow down your reaction time when playing online multiplayer games. Some people have specific preferences, so this list includes a wide range of different brands and sizes which might be suitable for any kind of living room.

Following our guide will help you discover which TV is best for gaming and why. For this, we're going to look at 4K TVs in general rather than just focus on one brand or model, with a particular emphasis on panels that support 60Hz refresh rates and how this affects the overall quality of the gaming experience.

Importance of Having A 4k TV

If you're a gamer then you know that it's important to have a great TV. One of the most important factors in this is response time which can make a massive difference when playing fast-paced games, especially fighting and racing titles. The faster the response time is the better because it reduces any ghosting or blurring that may otherwise happen. The Samsung model is a great choice because it has a great response time and comes with 4 HDMI ports which make it compatible with all modern gaming consoles. Plus, its smart TV functionality makes sure that you get the best picture quality at all times and this 50-inch screen size should be big enough to give you a cinematic experience for most games.

So which 4k TV is the best for gaming?   In my opinion, it all comes down to what you are looking for.  If you want a good HDR experience then go with the Samsung TV. If you're a fan of OLED screen technology and also looking for a one-of-a-kind viewing experience then get yourself an LG OLED series TV.

I hope this article helped make some sense of all of these TVs, I know it's been hard to keep up with everything over the last few months!  Let me know if there are any questions in the comments below.  Happy shopping!

Reviews of the Best 4k TV For Gaming

If you’re looking for a 4K TV as a first-time buyer, the Samsung MU6300 may just be the product for you. Despite the limited HDR functionality, this budget starter TV offers a reliable and high-quality picture performance and clarity –better than the average 4K Smart LED alternatives.

There is nothing which shouts extravagance when it comes to the MU6300, but rarely have we known gamers to be interested in these minor details. The low input lag is more likely to be of more interest to players worldwide, as it creates an excellent environment for immersive gaming moments.

Its exquisite contrast ratio is ideal for accurately displaying dark scenes while maintaining the integrity of details, primarily if you’re already set in a dark environment. In comparison, when located in a bright room, the MU6300 doesn’t perform as well, with the quality rapidly dropping when at an angle. More specifically, the gray uniformity is not as excellent as one might hope for, and thus it’s easy to see a dirty screen effect happening when watching sports, for example.

When it comes to high dynamic range TVs (HDR), the poor dimming options and wide color gamut are known to directly affect the HDR capabilities when compared to short range device (SDR) content.

Buyers Liked

  • Suitable as a PC monitor
  • Low motion blur
  • Excellent contrast ratio
  • Low input lag
  • Superior 4K and HD gaming TV

Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Inability to reach high levels of brightness
  • Weak viewing angles
  • Limited HDR capabilities

The design of the  LG 43UJ6300 is quite basic, and the construction material is predominantly plastic. Yes, there are no stylish elements or anything which will attract your senses while you look at it, although this is often not one of the critical parts of a good gaming setup. It’s good to note that you should not place the TV too close to the wall either, as the rear-facing inputs may consequently be hard to reach.

When it comes to picture quality, the LG UJ6300 will not blow your mind. Although the creators were quick to sing their praises to this TV, including the statement that the brightest lights and deepest dark's can be seen with crystal-clear clarity, in reality, the announcement is slightly far-fetched. Although the product does support Dolby Vision™ and this is meant to optimize the picture scene-by-scene, when set in a dark room it will be easy to spot the low contrast ratio and poor black uniformity. You shouldn’t be surprised if it appears that Batman is wearing a dark grey rather than black, and the disappointing dark scenes might be enough to put some gamers off so we are not sure this is the TV.

In comparison, a brighter room will lead to a less problematic picture quality, significantly reducing the low contrast ratio problem. You may need to have your glasses on point though, as the light can appear too bright for some players, especially those spending vast amounts of hours in front of the TV or PC. And although the HDR performance could be improved in a newer model, the gray uniformity is something you can work with, featuring the right viewing angles for more immersive gaming experiences. We hope you liked our lg 43uj6300 review .

Buyers Liked

  • Low motion blur
  • Very low input lag
  • Cool design
  • Excellent color depth –using a test gradient image

Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Brightness leaves much to be desired
  • Inaccurate RGBW pixel structure

Should you be looking for the best TV for gaming with a relatively attractive appearance and features which complement 4K gaming endeavors, the U28E590D might be a pleasant surprise. Samsung has gotten us used to TVs which are visually appealing, which can be important for those gamers who take pride in the overall setup they have going on. Featuring a narrow bezel, a black and grey combination of colours and a minimalistic design which doesn’t over complicate things, this TV is excellent for either a gaming den or even an office space.

Another great feature is the introduction of the AMD Free Sync technology, a critical aspect which minimizes the possibility of glitches –designed to match refresh rates and allow for a smooth gaming experience. Color rendering is excellent as well, and considering the budget-friendly price, the Samsung U28E590D can be viewed as an excellent performer.

The main complaint we would like to make a note of is the brightness, which is not as accurate as some might claim it to be. Although the box states that the max luminance is of around 370cd/m2, we wouldn’t be this generous, mentioning that in fact, it is around maximum 290 or 300 cd/m2.

Buyers Liked

  • Excellent refresh rate
  • Positive color accuracy
  • Great response time
  • Includes AMD FreeSync

Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Screen limits off-angle viewing
  • No connective USB ports

Although some gamers might get confused about the combination of affordable pricing for the  gaming TV and great visual design, the MU7000 is, in fact, an attractive TV which reminds of high-end products that typically cost an arm and a leg. Featuring a sleek and minimalist appearance, the built of this TV is stable and reliable. Moreover, all connectivity ports are easily accessible and located within reach –vertically along one side. Overall, this ergonomic and sleek product can quickly become the centerpiece of your living room or gaming den, should you be lucky enough to have the latter and is considered the Best 4K TV For Gaming

In regards to performance, the MU700 excels in the delivery of rich black levels, which is unfortunately rare to find in a 4K TV. In other words, you can rest assured that darker-toned games and cut scenes will look exceptionally good, even in rooms which are well-lit. Although local dimming is a feature which is missing from this TV, the creators have constructed a LED-lit product which is great for gaming purposes.

Nonetheless, the most important feature to mention is the superb level of performance as a 4K console gaming TV. Featuring a low input lag while in PC mode or Game Mode, this incredibly attractive aspect is present in HDR levels and across a vast range of resolutions.

Buyers Liked

  • Colorful and bright HDR images
  • Superb input lag for console gaming
  • Attractive and space-saving design
  • Great connectivity

Buyers Didn’t Like

  • No local dimming
  • No Dolby Vision support

When it comes to design, the UJ7700 is quite basic, but there are some features which may peak your interest. In addition to the smart design and accented edges, the TV is slim and moderately attractive, which is great considering that many products still don’t shy away from bulky designs.

Featuring an ordinary picture quality, the LG UJ7700 won’t be able to reinvent the wheel or shock you in any sense, as the average contrast radio and less-than-ideal black uniformity mean that the TV won’t perform its best when placed in a very dark room. In fact, the same applies to bright rooms as well, as the low peak brightness in SDR and poor reflective capabilities mean that you might not be able to spot enemies lurking around the corner as easily as you'd like to.

It's essential to note that the TV is equipped with adequate viewing angles, which is sometimes a problem even for more expensive TVs out there. Although also fitted with a full-color gamut and passable HDR peak brightness, the UJ7700 is unable to compete with higher-end models that feature more impressive specs than the UK7700 could ever offer. All in all, the LG TV is a reasonable choice considering its average price –regardless if you’re watching your favorite sports, series, or playing for hours on end. The main mention is to stay away from either really dark or really bright rooms, as this is where the TV doesn’t perform as well. Motion handling is an excellent addition to the overall average package, which makes it easier for players to play fast moving games such as first-person shooters.

Buyers Liked

  • Wireless 2.4 GHz technology
  • 6-option adjustable DPI
  • Attractive and ergonomic design
  • Easy to install drivers –due to user manual instructions
  • Eco saving mode
  • Seven programmable buttons

Buyers Didn’t Like

  • More suitable for casual gaming

Featuring a full range of impressive HDR color specifications and high-quality connectivity aspects that combine excellent black levels and peak brightness, the MU9000 is an overall competitive product that can easily give other brands a run for their money. Although models such as Sony X850E is an alternative to this TV, you’ll be surprised to know that the MU9000 has minor flaws and that it is an excellent choice for gaming enthusiasts. The remarkably reasonable price for its home entertainment technology makes this product an even more prominent giant in the 4K design market, similar to the higher-end TVs such as Samsung’s QLED or others by Sony.

Concerning design, Samsung impresses through the sleek and clear-cut TV models available in three different sizes. Although the stand makes us reminisce of the 2016 version, the model is built to be incredibly sturdy and able to fit most supporting surfaces. Three connective cables lead the way, including one for Ethernet connectivity, one for USB port and an ex-link port.

Another great feature worth mentioning is the motion handling, which is excellent and allows for a smooth and easy gaming experience, and the same goes for the motion blur control.and can be considered one of the Best 4K TV For Gaming.

However, the primary feature which gamers will be interested in is the “Premium UHD TV” aspect. This new and improved color system uses DCI P3 –meant to allow for a wide color gamut and color spectrum. Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that the Premium UHD line-up is equipped with a brighter back light that has the capability to reach 1000 nits when at peak brightness, whereas deeper black should be entirely noticeable as well.

Buyers Liked

  • Excellent choice for HDR and console gaming
  • Superb motion handling
  • High mid-range picture brightness
  • Good color delivery

Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Substandard viewing angles
  • Local dimming can’t be turned off
  • Inadequate built-in speakers 

It’s hard not to love a curved TV, as the elegantly attractive products can quickly become the centrepiece of the room. The Samsung MU8500 is a clear example of an appealing design which can seamlessly fit into any room. Unfortunately, black levels and color saturation drop depending on where you are in relation to the screen. This problem means that the 8-series gorgeous picture presentation loses its charm despite its incredible visual appearance.

Although Edge-Lit LED TVs are usually inherently weak, this 4K product is considered one of the brightest LEDs the market has to offer. The contrast is great due to the peak white, and it’s easy to notice the superiority even as natural light is slowly flowing through the room –can be brighter than OLED TVs too. 

Another great feature is the integration of the Smart Hub menu, which has been upgraded to provide a more accessible and more organically flowy organisation of your favorite apps and TV programs. The Tizen system is both secure and reliable, although maybe not as much as other Android systems you may have gotten used to. Nonetheless, the integrated black touch-pad Remote Control is comfortable to use, lightweight and convenient, and makes the operating Tizen Smart Hub menu easy to navigate and whiz around. There is a voice command some gamers might enjoy too, since there is no more work involved on their part. Available in two screen sizes (55 Inch and 65 Inch), these enormous screens are meant to make your movies and games stand out on every occasion.

Buyers Liked

  • Excellent UHD Up-Scaling
  • Deep black levels and great contrast
  • Minimal input lag in Gaming mode
  • Tizen OS Smart TV is fast and comprehensive

buyers Didn’t Like

  • Slight Screen Glare
  • Poor side viewing angles cause color saturation loss

Featuring an impressive design with small borders and thin characteristics, the Samsung MU8000 can look great either on a wall or merely freestanding. The picture quality is excellent, which is great for gamers who want to enjoy crystal-clear gaming experiences even while set in a dark room. The product performs well when it comes to glares in the screen, but considering the price, we would have expected a tiny bit more.

Using a VA panel guarantees that while sitting in the center everything will go smoothly. However, once you go at an angle, the viewing quality slowly starts to decline. In comparison, the gray uniformity poses no problems, and there is no dirty screen effect which could get in the way of your gaming performance. The same goes for the HDR, with a wide range of colors being beautifully displayed. Concerning the local dimming, we have yet to find a TV in which this feature is spot on what it should be, and although the screen brightness is right, it’s not good enough to make the HDR stand out from the conventional SDR.

All in all, this huge 82-inch monster can deliver a dose of realism to your games, mainly due to the combination of HDR and 4K features. If you have ever wished to feel a part of your game (we know you do) than the Samsung MU8000 can take you one step closer to achieving life-sized images that will make your current TV pale in comparison.

Buyers Liked

  • Excellent blacks and contrast levels
  • Impressive brightness
  • Input lag is great for gaming
  • Staggering 82-inch of quality picture

Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Image declines at an angle
  • Average colour gamut


With Black Friday and the holiday periods just around the corner, it’s easy to get trapped into the razzle and dazzle of buying cheap products at an outstanding price. It’s a “you snooze, you lose” situation and you don’t usually have time to properly inspect the box and see what exactly you’re buying. The way things are marketed or set up in stores can be misleading, and you don’t have a simple or straightforward task when it comes to picking one of these beauties, as you'll see down below:

Ensure you’re buying 4K

Pure and simple, 4K TVs display a crisper and clearer picture than the standard HD products we were buying years and years ago. 4K has more pixels (8,294,400 to be exact), and it will make your games seem a lot more alive due to the high capability of showing minor details which other TVs are not able to.
Otherwise known as Ultra-HD, 4K TVs pack around four times the resolution of HD TVs, which is around 1080p. As previously mentioned, 4K will have approximately 8 million pixels, and that will result in a crisper picture, which is essential for larger screens. Both the new models of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are now able to support 4K, and the ability to stream YouTube videos and movies on Netflix has made the package even more attractive. And that’s because 4K makes everything more clear and immersive.

Input Lag and Refresh Rate

If you’re into video games, input lag is probably the second most important aspect to look out for, as first-person shooters require twitch-like intuition and reflexes. Because of this, the lower the TV’s input lag, the quicker the picture transfer from your console onto the screen, and the sooner you’ll be able to shoot down your enemies. 

HDR is a huge deal

HDR, otherwise known as "High-Dynamic-Range", concerns your TV’s ability to make the image more exquisite and captivating. This quality includes richness, clarity and colour class, and it’s sometimes even more vital than the 4K aspect itself.
Our advice? Don’t waste your time or money on a 4K TV which doesn’t incorporate HDR technology.


It’s hard not to find a TV nowadays that has an integrated LED system. The problem, however, is that LED is not that great when it comes to portraying black colours, and they mostly seem like a washed-up gray, despite performing well when it comes to brightness.
In comparison, there is a more expensive option that allows for perfect black tones while slightly compromising on brighter shades. OLED screen light up on a pixel-by-pixel basis, meaning that when a dark movie or gaming scene is in question, black pixels are automatically shut off, creating an excellent black image. Of course, this creates a more vivid contrast and a luxurious and exquisite image; the downside appears concerning brightness and slightly higher input lag which will hurt your gaming needs.

Curved vs. Flat

If you’re anything like us, you love the look of curved TVs. When these appeared on the market, many gamers went nuts at the opportunity of one-day owning a beautiful piece which could light up their gaming den. Although nowadays the craze has died down, there are two categories of people: those who swear by them, and those who think it’s a purely aesthetic thing.
To be entirely honest, we believe that there is little to no picture quality difference between a curved and a flat-screen TV and that it’s almost always about the way it looks. In fact, you might even be disappointed about the amount of glare that these TVs attract. Thus if you’re more interested in your gaming performance rather than what your gaming setup will look like, stay with a straight screen option.

Our Top Pick And The Best 4k TV For Gaming

Featuring an attractive price for the vast array of performance-related features it offers, the Samsung Electronics UN49MU7000 49-Inch 4K Ultra appears as superior in comparison to the other products. More specifically, using a 4K Colour Drive Pro, the TV can offer gamers like you a broad spectrum of realistic colours and crisp images which make the entire experience more authentic and enjoyable. Moreover, the product has an excellent range of colours and contrast when compared to conventional HD TVs. With a superb and slim design, superior black levels and low input lag, the Samsung U7000 is a 49-inch monster which is guaranteed to make your gaming experience more realistic and immersive.

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