Best Gaming Headsets for Xbox

We could spend hours on end telling you about the merits of the best gaming headsets for Xbox. Featuring great audio quality, reliable microphones and the possibility of an ergonomic design, there is little surprise that the best headsets, including those for the Xbox 360, are designed to stimulate all your sensory receptors. Although Xbox One has become increasingly popular, some older games are not backward compatible, and in that situation, using the 360 is still pretty much your only option.

The Directors Headset

If you are a die-hard fan of headsets, you know the importance of Xbox Live chats and in-game strategy planning. That’s exactly why the products featured in this article will give you the opportunity for an immersive gaming experience.

Sades SA 920


Price $

a great alternative if you cant afford the expensive ones

shanney Bluetooth

Best Choice

Price $$

Plenty  of great features for gaming


MOst Versatile

Price $$

Rate by Console Cabin

A good versatile option

Sades SA920 PS4 Xbox One/ Xbox 360

The Basic Gaming Headset

PERFECT for people who cant afford a more professional headset.

Quick Summary

  • Multi Function Stereo Gaming
  • Universal Capability
  • Clear communication
  • Accurate Sound Pick Up

If you’re looking for budget gaming headphones, this product has got you covered. However, it doesn’t mean that the model compromises when it comes to overall performance. Featuring a simple design, the Sades SA920 is comfortable due to the soft cushions around the ear pads. Allowing players for longer gaming sessions this product gains at least one point for ergonomics.

Another feature which reviewers seem to appreciate is the sound quality. The background noise cancellation helps gamers who like to get lost in their RPG or shooter games, allowing for maximum levels of control.

  • Crisp and clear sound
  • Relatively affordable price
  • Great level of comfort
  • High-sensitivity mic
  • Additional audio adapter for in-game sounds, as headset if for teammate chats only
  • A bit Clunky
  • Great level of comfort

Here's an EXHAUSTIVE review of the SADES Gaming Headset 7.1

To check SADES R2 Gaming Headset 7.1 latest price, click here.

SADES R2 Gaming Headset 7.1

The Stylish Headset

By having gone through reviews, it appears that buyers love the mid-range bass offered by the product, in addition to the smart design which incorporates all controls on the actual headset. The icing on the cake is the SADES R2’s level of comfort-ability, as the leather muffs seamlessly fit on your head. 

Quick Summary

While virtual 7.1 surround sound might not seem important to the average person, any gamer will understand the significance of an immersive 360-degree sound field. In spite of the affordable price, this headset easily surpasses acoustic precision expectations. Adding to that is the noise-reducing microphone, which is both retractable and flexible. It does present a high-quality sound, however the light at the end of the mic may be a bit overwhelming about a couple of hours, but that is such a minor detail in comparison to the rest.

  • Flexible and durable
  • Incorporated side volume click
  • Headband is extremely comfortable
  • Noise-cancelling boom mic
  • Sleek design and LED lights
  • Mic light comes on when microphone is active
  • Leather muffs might overheat after prolonged gaming sessions
  • Great level of comfort


The Sleek Gaming Headset For Xbox Users

PERFECT for Xbox users.

Quick Summary

  • Noise Isolating Microphone
  • PC/ Laptop / PS4/Xbox one -Black
  • Over-ear
  • Volume Control for Mac

Featuring an omni-directional noise eliminating microphone, the SUPSOO G813 is capable of picking sound with great sensitivity. If you’ve ever struggled hearing your enemy’s footsteps as they charge towards you in games such as Battlefield, or whether you simply want a product which allows for overall maximum in-game concentration, then this headset is the one for you.

Reviewers don’t seem to have too many bad things to say that the G813, as most Amazon reviews are good. And we can’t say we’re very much surprised, considering that the headset is designed with both style and ergonomics in mind. The high-quality and super soft ear-pads help players gain endurance and stamina.

  • Great price mark
  • Ergonomic and comfortable, even after hours of use
  • Excellent PC and console sound quality
  • Durable nylon braided cable
  • Average sound quality when used on smartphones

SHANNEY Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

The Basic Gaming Headset

PERFECT for people who cant afford a more professional headset.

Quick Summary

  • Multi Function Stereo Gaming
  • Universal Capability
  • Clear communication
  • Accurate Sound Pick Up

Designed to offer gamers a high-quality stereo sound experience, this product offers deep and immersive sounds at any given volume. An added feature is the fact that these headphones are wireless, meaning no more faffing about with wires.

The rechargeable build-in lithium battery is highly viewed by reviewers, as the SHANNEY Wireless Bluetooth Headphones can last up to 8 hours of playtime and 180 hours standby time. Needless to say that’s quite impressive.

Additionally, the Bluetooth 4.1 technology means universal compatibility, and that any device can be easily paired up (i.e. iPhone, other smartphone brands, tablets, computers, and laptops, Xbox or PS4).

  • Superior Battery Life
  • Smart and Travel-friendly design (headphones fold into a compact form)
  • Bluetooth Wireless device
  • Enhanced Bass
  • Headband does not have any cushion


The Basic Gaming Headset

PERFECT for Multiplayer platforms.

Quick Summary

  • Stereo Bass 
  • New Xbox one PS4 PC Laptop Mac iPad iPod Phone
  • 3.5mm Jack Over Ear
  • Mic Noise Isolating Volume 

If you’re looking for a product which offers versatile compatibility, the SADES SA810 may prove to live up to your expectations. It supports Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PC, your Laptop, or Mac, and comes with all the adapters you need.

In terms of design, you can definitely tell that the target audience is gamers. With a camouflage model which you may find in Call of Duty, this product has high-quality acoustic precision, allowing for a better game presence and character immersion.

Another feature to mention is the level of comfort offered by the SA810, which incorporates a multi-points pressure headband and excellent air permeability protein earmuff. This also helps with noise reduction and allows for great in-game sensitivity detection.

  • Unique camouflage design
  • Multi-platform headset compatibility
  • Good air permeability protein earmuff
  • Poor quality cables

Factors to Consider when choosing 

the Best Gaming Headsets for Xbox

If you love gaming, you know that it’s addictive, so much so that it takes hold of all your sensory receptors. For both home-players and pro-gamers, HD screens and good gaming chairs are no longer enough, you need to be fully supported by crisp clear audio.
Although we’ve talked about different features before (i.e. mics, style, comfort, spare parts), in this article we will cover more basic things


As with all of the best gaming headsets for xbox, especially those related to electronics, the pricing structure varies significantly. Don’t be discouraged though, you are still able to find an ergonomic and decent gaming headset for less than $100.
And we’re talking about price because it depends on what you’re looking for. And for many players, especially when starting out at a young age, even the decision to purchase a product for $40 is a big scary investment.
Although you may think it’s as simple as “you get what you pay for”, that isn’t always the case. Always read multiple independent reviews, get in touch with other buyers, or do your own market research. There is a whole community which is willing to lend you a helping hand.
Wireless or wired
If you’re a PC gamer, wired headsets shouldn’t technically be a deal-breaker. However, for the purpose of this article, being able to have a wireless headset connected to your Xbox 360 will make a huge difference.
The distinction between wired and wireless will also link to the first point -price. As a general rule of thumb, wired headsets are more affordable, and that’s because wireless headphones make use of additional integrated technology.

Also, bear in mind that wireless headsets need to be recharged. Since you won’t want that to stop your long gaming sessions, always check the type of battery a product has. Typically, good headsets take around an hour to fully charge and offer around 8 hours of battery life.
Last but not least, be conscious of the quality of sound when it comes to wireless headsets, and consider getting a product that has AptX encoding. This generally allows the sound to maintain its quality even when it’s transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth.
Open vs. Closed Headsets
Although this is not a point that you usually see made, there is quite a significant difference between the two types. On the one hand, close headsets have a solid cup around the speaker and earpiece which allow for complete noise reduction, practically isolating your ear from the outside world.
This can prove to be extremely useful when you’re in an environment where there is ambient noise which you are trying to avoid, allowing players to fully concentrate on the game at hand. It also helps if you are playing with a group of friends, who are in the same room but are playing against you. In other words, they won’t hear you, and you won’t hear them.
On the other hand, open headsets have a perforated ear cup which gives the illusion of a more natural and unrefined sound. It clearly depends on personal preference, and it’s not uncommon for pro-players to enjoy this type of headsets more. Nevertheless, the drawback is the ambient noise from outside, in addition to others hearing your in-game strategy or chats with teammates. 


It’s not uncommon to hear that people are facing a dilemma when choosing a good gaming headset. Although all of the products outlined in this article have both pros and cons, we have chosen the SHANNEY Wireless Bluetooth Headphone as one of the best gaming headsets for Xbox consoles . It can be considered quite uncommon to find a wireless headset which has the words durable, reliable, and affordable in the same sentence.
Among the most impressive features, there is the Bluetooth ease of connectivity, meaning that you can pair it with your laptop, smartphone, practically any electronic device. This is great considering you don’t need to purchase or worry about any adaptors. Although some may consider having to charge the device a drawback, it takes a mere hour and lasts up to 8, plus you don’t need to worry about tidying up or tripping over wires any longer.
All in all, happy gaming!

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