The Best Multiplayer Games

The games industry is a continuous source of epiphanies and unforeseen scenarios, as both competitive and co-operative games are becoming more and more alluring. For those who are intent on having their friends join them as they fight their way through enemy lines, alien troops or battleships, the question is which are the best multiplayer games I can next enjoy?

Whereas competitive single-player games revolve around the enticing stories which keep you on the edge of your seat and send jolts down your spine, multiplayer connects both friends and strangers into the unpredictability of what may come next. The combination of tempting sound effects, glistening visuals, and unique game-play ideas have turned the world of multiplayer games into an even more exciting adventure than single players exploits. Thus without further ado, here are eight of the best multiplayer games which you can immerse yourself in during your spare time:


PlayerUnknown battlegrounds (PUBG) review

Despite the fact that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is still in Early Access, there is already a plethora of factors which make it an incredible online shooter. It’s true that each game starts the same way; however, players can create and build on their adventures, changing scenarios and gameplay styles with each approach. This quality is what makes the game playable for hours on end –without needing to sacrifice the enticement and thrill of a hardcore survival story.

The game is quick to launch you into the action, with up to 100 players joining the server and picking the right moment to jump off the plane. Everything about this PUBG ring strategy creation and speed, as even failing to find a weapon within the first minutes can lead to your death and end the game. Airstrikes add a dynamic element to the game-play, encouraging constant movement and forcing you to rethink your approach.

The way to win

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is made to be quick from the moment your character’s feet hit the floor. In fact, you might not even have time to notice that each player runs to find gear and weapons, and thus the killing begins. You can come across protective equipment such as helmets, bulletproof vests, melee weapons, guns, and even healing supplies.

It’s important to note that the distribution of the weapons is randomized, and this means that you might have an assault rifle, whereas another player a knife. There is no way of predicting how the game will go, as half is the items you find, whereas the other half depends on your skills. Victory will be dependent on both of these factors, and with a pool of seasoned gamers, it’s quite hard to become the victor –not impossible, however. And this is what makes the game even more exciting, as the moment when you win you’ll feel like a king.

There are different approaches to try, from stealth to aggressiveness or defensiveness, or the combination of each of them. All of these styles bring forth a set of challenges, and that’s why the game is not for the weak or players who lack patience. In other words, PUBG is ideal for action-seekers and those who don’t shy away from pain-staking failure and get back again. You might find yourself shooting and slashing your opponents in the woods, or in the map’s cities or small towns. Alternatively, you might be in an obscure attic, your senses tuned to each footstep and crack across the wooden floor. In comparison to other games, there are so many stimuli targeting you all at once. This means you need a good pair of headphones and some excellent speakers if you want to immerse yourself into the game. You might also find your heart rate slightly increased as you make your way through the gloomy towns or bright red explosions around you. After all, you wanted an adventure-pumping game!

Is PUBG an Improved DayZ?

As we’ve mentioned before, the rules stay the same –you start each game with the same scenario, and from there it’s up to you to fight your way to victory. You don’t have any control over where gear and firearms spawn, and that makes the game even more exciting. Another vital thing to bear in mind is the large and abundant map. When we say big, we imply more extensive than The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion's world. Yes, we didn’t think that’d be possible either, but it is. Because of the sheer size of the map, loot is available in all corners, meaning that looking for supplies and weapons shouldn’t be a frustrating item –there’s a big pool of choices to pick from when it comes to this game which is why its one of the best multiplayer games, although there could be even more. 

Those who have played DayZ in the past might understand the action that awaits, but many gamers have concluded that PUBG is an improved version of the previous creation. Although there are plenty of tense moments in DayZ, the gameplay can, at times, seem slower and a bit empty. Of course, creative minds can appreciate the reality of lying of a hill and pondering how things have turned out the way they did, slowly starving to death or anticipating death in some gruesome way. Horror movie and game enthusiasts will revel in the terror of uncertainty and potentially traitorous social interactions, but this is not everyone’s cup of tea. Additionally, it seems that the game also lacks a final goal but instead teleport players into a never-ending cat-and-mouse apocalyptic scenario.


In comparison, PlayerUnknown battlegrounds (PUBG) is accessible to many players, regardless of their particular preference for horror, drama, or action. In fact, the entire game is a combination of dynamic, vibrant explorations and combat action. There are those who sometimes try to team up in-game, but note that while this may be a more straightforward way to victory, you could get yourself banned –and you can say goodbye to this cool game for quite some time. As we’ve said earlier, PUBG requires patience and the expectancy to fail at least a couple of times. If you manage to pick yourself up, the gunplay is something you’ll enjoy –balanced and realistic, even for the Early Access version of the game. There is also an intuitive, integrative UI which allows players to seamlessly loot bodies and swap items, making the whole thing even more enjoyable. 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the biggest games at the moment, as the shooter has earned over 11 million dollars during its first weekend on Early Access, and copies are still currently sold as well as hot bread. Of course, there are still things which the creators will improve on, and we have high hopes that PUBG will ultimately become even bigger than it is now.

Here are some of the things we like about the game, and some of the things which we expect to the fixed shortly:

-Realistic gunplay.

-Looting is simple and straightforward.

-An entertaining game if you like PvP survival scenarios.

-In-game points gained by playing; rewards can even be sold on the Steam Marketplace.

-Survival mode

-Impressively large map (more extensive than The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion's world).

-A whopping 100 players per game

-Easy entry into the game

Here are some of the things we didn't like about the game

-Because of Early access, the servers are not 100{a1f973a1c242eca8e0c6968c998b8f79de574af7d8e7a9664b6c39dfdb8db6e1} optimized -leading to crashes, freezes and severe lag.

-There isn't a massive selection of weapons or items

-Duo and Squad mode are significantly harder than solo.

-Trying for new players to Battle Royal.

-Players with lower end rigs have an advantage with low display settings (i.e., seeing players through bushes or buildings).

The Key Points

All in all, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds manages to incorporate a large-scale world in which multiplayer survival mode is both exciting and immersive. There is not enough time to ponder the world and where you are, as you jump from an airplane and begin straightaway. The world allows for up to 100 players to be part of this adventure, so there’s no time to waste when trying to find weapons and protective gear. In fact, failure to do so will quickly seem like a suicide mission. It’s important to note that as the match progresses the size of the battlefield rapidly shrinks, and that makes the competition even more aggressive and demanding. The game ends when the last player or team is left standing.

PUBG manages to create an open world where there is just enough space to find your ground, and as time goes by, the intensity of the game heightens, step by step. There is little time to hide, and you’re always rushing around, setting mini-goals and overcoming barriers along the way, all to reach your primary goal –victory over the other players. Because of the complexity of the action and the fact that all your senses are involved, PUBG forces you to remain observant –as even one minor hip cup can lead to your demise. That’s also another reason for which failure is a means of learning the game, as you develop the habit of checking entryways, behind doors, or what to do when running out of ammo.


Battlefield 1's multiplayer is as challenging as it gets, especially since there are a plethora of multidirectional cues you need to pay attention to –ranging from close-combat weapon attacks to giant zeppelins, squad deployments and even horseback riding troops. The game involves much more than simple shooting skills -patience, strategy, and giving yourself enough time to learn the game are invaluable when it comes to this testing multiplayer.

If you’re new to Battlefield games, Battlefield 1 will seem like an exciting place to start, especially considering the impressive graphics, realistic sounds effects, and exquisitely detailed maps. Nonetheless, you may feel daunted by how much you’ve got to learn, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the vast array of weapons, vehicles, and other such features. A solid piece of advice is starting out with the single-player campaigns –as they can serve as a slower-paced road to getting to grips with what you’ll be up against in the multiplayer versions. This advice may also make the game more entertaining and enjoyable, especially if you are yet to have experienced the other Battlefield games.

In fact, the levels are designed to teach you something new each time –one level about airplanes, one about the power of an imposing armored train, whereas another will instill knowledge on how to survive a thundering muddy deathtrap. Additionally, we are unable to forget about the tank mission, which is undoubtedly our favorite campaign so far.



Have you ever been in the situation in which you’re watching two competitive teams fight, but the entire scenario is incredibly fast-paced, so much so that it’s worth watching a replay to understand everything that has happened? Ladies and gentlemen welcome to one of the best multiplayer games online - League of Legends, an ambitious yet cutthroat online game that tastefully combines the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements.

In short, the game involves two teams which utilize their unique playstyle and team composition, battling head-to-head to destroy the opposing team’s "nexus." For those who are not familiar with League of Legends, the nexus structure is the primary objective of each gameplay –giving players control over their selected champions. In other words, once the nexus is destroyed, the connection is severed, and the game ends with either a victory or a loss. The imposing nexus is also essential for giving rise to minion waves –which are tiny yet efficient in chipping away at turrets or for farming reasons.

Should you be new to League of Legends, don’t get discouraged by the sheer volume of features, champions, or styles you’ll need to learn. Each game starts with heroes who are relatively weak but need to advance and built up their strength through the accumulation of both experience and items. Nonetheless, anyone who has played this game knows not to underestimate it –especially considering that the roster of champions is ever-expanding, tournaments are getting more competitive each year, whereas updates to the champion Meta are frequent. This style means that players require adaptability, evolving skills, teamplay ability, plus a substantial time investment.

For these reasons and more, there is no surprise that LOL has been exponentially growing since its initial release in 2009 –both concerning popularity and fan base. Even three years ago in 2014, there were an estimated 67 million people worldwide playing in the online battle arena, and we are seeing and expecting a growth in the future.



DOTA 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) which is relatively similar to League of Legends. That’s also the reason for which we’re presenting the two one after the other. Developed by Valve Corporation, this game is a continuation of its precursor, Defense of the Ancients (DotA).

Regarding the game style, there are two opposing teams composed of five players which use their cooperative skills to destroy a structure called the "Ancient," which grandiosely stands in the middle of the base guarded by massive towers. Should you be wondering if there is a good selection of characters you can pick from, you might be in for a surprise –as the game has 113 playable characters, each with a unique design, set of abilities, and styles of play. During a match, the goal of each player is to gain as many experience points as possible for purchasing items that will make their champions stronger during team fights –the maximum level is 25. For example, once a character gains an experience level, you will be able to improve a previously learned ability, or even unlock a new set of powers. Another feature which separates one player from another is their “ultimate,” whereas activating abilities will have a direct effect on the “mana points” you will have available. It’s important to note that mana points will regenerate over time, and the cooldown phase will disappear when the timer hits zero again.

Similar to League of Legends, selecting champions and discussing strategies happens during a pre-game phase. If you’re playing with your friends, you might be more interested in picking “All Random,” which is an excellent way to improve your knowledge and ability to play with a diverse roster. This is one of the best multiplayer games of all time.



Let’s not pretend that you don’t know about this game. Since its release, the online community has been flooded with fan art, Reedit talks and GIFs about this addictive multiplayer game. In fact, Overwatch is more of a phenomenon, where the main action revolves around a first-person shooter in which opposing teams choose their preferred characters –tanks, support, offense, and defense.

It’s not uncommon to hear people compare Overwatch with League of Legends or even Team Fortress 2. Well, they might be a tiny bit right, and that's a compliment since the game elegantly combines a diverse roster of champions, different maps, and an art style we could be expecting from TF2. There is also an element of humor reminiscent of Fable, and we are more than convinced that gamers love it. Regardless of the source of inspiration for this outstanding multiplayer, Overwatch has captured the minds and imagination of millions of players online. Blizzard has comprehensive plans for this heart-conquering game, always prepared to add new champions to the roster –with Sombra and Ana already out for us to enjoy.



Initially released in 2009, Borderlands brings a unique humor to the world of gaming –one that is observable even in the trailers. If you have not yet played Borderlands, you are seriously missing out. The second game in the Borderlands series was released by none other than Microsoft Windows, and it allows players to either go on the path of the main story or utterly kill and kill some more during the multiplayer version.

The storyline is an excellent way of getting to grips with this immersive and attractive game –both concerning graphics and play style. The campaign nominates you as one of four treasure seekers, called "Vault Hunters," on the inhospitable island of Pandora. The main features we’ve all come to love and enjoy are the online collaborative campaign gameplay, the plethora of weapons, shields and other features, in addition to the massive amount of random loot you can find lying around. Since in both multiplayer and main story you will need to choose your character, it's time to let you know you’ll have a lot of fun with this. There are multiple skins, statistics, and even elemental features you can choose from, and the champions will naturally grow on you. Each hero packs their unique sets of abilities, and you can pick the one closest to your personality and style of play.

Axton is "the Commando," and he can seamlessly summon up turrets to help him defend himself. Salvador is "the Gunzerker," and as the name suggests he’s a master at dual-wielded weapons which slash opponents with ease. Zer0, "the Assassin," can become invisible for a short period and then spawn a hologram of himself to distract enemies and sneak up on them. And then there’s Maya, otherwise known as "the Siren" –she can phase lock the bad guys is a sphere of blue energy. There are two more characters which are also well worth your time: one is Tiny Tina, a quirky 13-year old demolitions expert who lost her parents, whereas the second is Krieg, the Psycho who deep down remains human and with ample feelings –some directed towards the beautiful siren Maya.

All in all, Borderlands 2 is a beloved FPS/RPG game which combines the Sci-fi elements of being on a wasteland planet with the impeccable humor and extensive loot system of millions of weapons.


left 4 dead

Are we implying that one of the most critically acclaimed games of the last six years is on this list? What a shock!

Released by Valve in 2011, Portal 2 has a raw quality to it, forcing players to cooperate and use their intelligence to create ingenious solutions to immediate problems. The co-op campaign does stand out, and you play as two testing robots called P-body and Atlas. It’s both adorable and funny to see that you now have a friend to help your dark and dangerous explorations, especially considering the unforgiving and deadly GlaDOS's testing routines. Of course, GLaDOS is awesome, and her humor is one-of-a-kind. If you have played the main story, then you know that this robot likes to pick on you, your confidence, and mostly your weight or intelligence. Nonetheless, the game wouldn’t be the same without her.

Regarding the actual gameplay, Portal 2 requires a three-dimensional spatial thinking, and this is what makes the game incredibly addictive and sometimes puzzling. It does help having a friend next to you for when you get stuck in these menacing situations. Portal 2 possibly excels when neither of you can figure out the answer to a puzzle. If your partner is waiting for you to do your part, you might end up feeling like an uncreative moron; however, there is no rushing when it comes to this game –you will need time to figure it out. Almost seven years after its release, it’s nearly impossible to find one person who hasn’t played Portal 2. Nonetheless, even for more seasoned lovers of this challenging yet comical game, Valve has created new maps which will keep your level of excitement elevated.


Halo 5

Halo has stolen the hearts of many gamers worldwide, not only through its captivating first-person shooters but also its breathtaking book series. Halo 5 preserves all the core features that have made this game incredibly popular –starting with the MJOLNIR powered armor of a Spartan, which controls the character's actions. It’s important to note that Spartans are different from other combat troops because their bodies have been augmented. The armor is merely another layer of protection which provides deflector shields able to minimize the damage taken from fire weapons. Additionally, the MJOLNIR armor is equipped and upgraded to allow for increased mobility, speed, and damage resistance in all three axes of movement.

The multiplayer is played through the eyes of the character, whereas few cinematic videos switch to a third-person view. The aim of the game is the defeat the forces of the Covenant, and unlike previous scenarios where you were accompanies by NPC characters such as Marines, Halo 5 features a constant fire team of NPC Spartans. These troops will be next to you throughout the game, and each of them brings different attributes to the game. If one of the characters, player-controlled or not, takes a substantial amount of damage, they will be incapacitated, and a teammate is responsible for reviving them before they die.

Should you be wondering about weapons, you will use against your adversaries you are solely able to carry two at a time, with the option to switch them whenever you deem necessary. A neat feature is the ability to pick up a Covenant weapon, in addition to grenades and other little gadgets. We couldn’t forget about the vehicles and mounted guns you sometimes find throughout the game.



Left 4 Dead is one of the best multiplayer games and is for those of you who love to scare yourself during the middle of the night –in a competitive and terrifying world in which in the dead are out to get you. During co-ops, otherwise known as campaigns, you can team up with up to four friends and work together to try to reach the end of each mission alive. There is a considerable number of AI-controlled infected, and your job is to keep yourself alive while also taking care of the other players –reviving them once they are incapacitated by the dead.

Should you feel that the game is too easy, don’t. There are four difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Advanced and Expert. Each chapter will end up with you in the safe room, provided that you survive the encounter with the infected. In the multiplayer version you and the other players are known as Survivors, and while some campaigns are more accessible than other, the Finale is bound to surprise you. If you survive –which doesn’t always happen –you will escape on rescue vehicles such as boats, helicopters, and others.

This horror game created by Valve is an epic struggle for survival against the hordes of dead and infected zombies and mutants. There are those who believe that a zombie apocalypse is a likely and even impending scenario, and now you have the chance to see what you’d be up against should that happen. Abandoned metropolis, once-animated malls, a rural ghost town or even terrifying black forests are just some of the scenarios you will encounter during the gameplay. Watching a trailer will be enough to understand more about the intensity of this game, and since Left 4 Dead is made by the creators of Counter-Strike and Half-Life, we know that quality and suspense is assured.

There are other multiplayer games which could also be on this list. Ultimately, choosing to play one game or another will all depend on personal taste and gameplay style. Some honorable mentions are Diablo 3, CS: GO, Tom Clancy: the Division, Team Fortress 2, Quake III Arena, and much more. Whatever you pick, we’re quite sure you won’t be disappointed!

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