Best Astro A50 PS4 Review

We decided to try out some headphones out on our PlayStation 4  that we had heard about- the Astro A50 PS4 Headset complete with a base station. We have lots of fun playing games and seeing all that these headphones could do, so we decided to share them with you! We dedicated an entire article to telling you all about this headset- it was that good. Check out  the Astro A50 PS4 review and get to know this fantastic headset even better!

Reviews of the Astro A50 PS4 Headset

We have so much to tell you about this headset. Nothing will make your gaming experience better than one of the best gaming headsets in the world. Small audio details can change your experience so drastically that you don’t have any idea you’re missing until you have the headset on and you’re experiencing it yourself.

Suddenly you find yourself immersed in your gaming with single-player games at a never-before-high and footsteps being the apparent give away for all the battle royale games you play. You can hear every bullet go by your head in 360 surround sound, and you know when someone is coming and how fast they’re moving.

The Astro A50 headset is known for this. The Dolby Pro Logic llx format of the headphones is known for high-quality sound formatting, digitally mixing 7.1 simulated surround sound. The versatility of the Dolby Pro Logic llx format means that you can listen to music right before swapping to gaming or watching movies, and you don’t have to change a single setting!

It is immediately compatible with all of your consoles: Xbox One S, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and more! Although it is expensive (at $300), the other $300 headsets are often only compatible with specific devices. For example, the Tritton Warhead is only compatible with the Xbox, and is the same amount of money.

The wide range of device compatibility makes the Astro a50 an excellent investment for gamers, tech fans, and anyone with a crowded entertainment center. The Dolby Pro llx features show off software-enabled sound mixing, crisp highs, and big deep bass.

The only downsides to this headset are minute and fixed quickly. For example, Astro claims to have a 12-hour battery life with this headset, but it’s not entirely accurate. We found our headset shot out around 8-10 hours of straight gaming on the PlayStation 4, meaning that the Play and Charge Cable was a tempting purchase for only $7.99. After further inspection, we found out we can use a spare micro USB cable, and it will work just fine!

Additionally, there’s a software update that fixes an issue with the a50 that causes an intermittent break in the audio, so you don’t need to worry about if you hear any breaks as long as you download the update right away.

Things We Liked

  • Immersive Sound
  • Dolby Pro llx
  • 360 Surround Sound

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Solvable Battery Issues
  • Solvable Audio Popping

Astro A50 Headset Design

The Astro A50 headphones have a great design that is so comfortable and also durable. The fit of the headphones isn’t as tight as the other headphones we have tried in the past. It might be a lot looser for you if you’re used to other headphones, but we quickly adjusted and enjoyed it. During long gaming sessions, you won’t even notice that they’re there.

While they do look bulky and can be intimidating at first, know that you won’t feel that bulkiness or heavyweight when it’s on your head. It’s designed the way it is so that they are indestructible. There is a matte black finish on the headphones, providing a sleek and perfectly understated design that compliments the semi-exposed red cables running up to the ears.

Additionally, the headphones come on a plastic stand where they can hang like a hook when you’re not using them. The stand isn’t anything fancy, but it comes together quickly in a few snaps right out of the box. It doesn’t make the headset look like anything grand or organize any of the cords, but it does keep your expensive headset off of your desk and away from dust.

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4 & PC – Black/Blue (2017 Model)

The stand is inessential and can stay home if you need to take your headphones with you on the go. This is different from other headphones at the same price point, where the stand is integral to the design of the headphones.

Headphones are one of the most important things about your gaming experience, especially if you’re a long-time gamer who is very into long gaming sessions. You know that you can do great things in games when you can hear what’s going on. If you are having a hard time hearing where people are in first-person shooters, what sounds are happening in your puzzle game, or want to listen to a new album by your favorite artist, the right pair of headphones is the most critical piece in your puzzle.

Looking at headphones is really intimidating, but it shouldn’t be hard if you have the money to spend on a high-quality pair, like the Astro A50 headphones. If you play the PS4, a PC, a Mac (with compatible setup), or the Xbox One S, you can use the Astro A50 headphones, and it’s worth it! We recommend them highly.


Overall, this is a great headset! The Astro A50 PS4 headset is excellent for gamers because it offers incredible sound quality with Dolby Pro Logic llx programming to offer the peak of sound in the gaming headphones business. It’s complete with the 360 surround sound every gamer needs to beat hard levels, enemies, and friends.

The Astro A50 PS4 headset is a good quality for how large it is, and for the price. At $300, this is the headset for gamers on many different consoles playing all the games you want to play. It has a sleek design, fantastic quality, and a headset stand so that you can keep it away from dirt and dust.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Astro PS4 headset today.

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