How To Use Your New Gaming Chair

How to “Sit Down” and game like a pro

Gaming chairs have become a trend in the market when it comes to gaming. If you own a gaming PC or a console, it’s hard to do without a gaming chair to spice up your gaming life. You might be one of the rare gamers out there who do not own a gaming chair yet or who owns a whole set of gaming equipment but without a devilishly stylish gaming chair to call your throne.

A lot of gamers have spent several hundred dollars for gaming chairs to complete their set. Some claim gaming chairs boost your performance like steroids, and you shoot at more enemies(or whatever it is you shoot at) sitting on one than in a boring office chair like the one my grandma used to have playing Skyrim. Others say it validates your image as a gamer, especially if you’re one of those gamers who are already into live streaming your plays or are looking into doing so. Whatever the reason, let’s move forward and take a closer look as to why gaming chairs have been a “game changer” in the gaming community.

Before we start I need you to ask yourself a question; How much time do you spend in your chair? Whether you’re gaming, whether you’re working, how much time you spend would give you a better idea as to determine whether getting yourself a gaming chair is worth it. I spend 8-10 hours sitting in a chair working or gaming every day, so a comfortable chair is a priority for me. I also ask you would you like to buy the best gaming chair under 200 dollars as sometimes the budget ones are better but it all depends on brand.

For most hardcore gamers or people who spend a lot of time sitting in their desk in general, you're going to probably want to invest in a comfortable chair, a costly office chair or a sweet-ass gaming chair where you can be comfortable doing what you want for several hours a day. Now if you’re looking to game like a professional(or even look like it), gaming chairs are a must, and the first pro of having a gaming chair we will take into consideration is style.

For most live streamers, gaming chairs add up to their personality, picking the colors that would suit their theme and style, like Black chairs if you’re playing gothic themed games like Dark Souls, dragon slaying adventures like Skyrim, Green chairs or camouflage themed if you’re into CSGO or Call Of Duty, or maybe Red chairs if you’re a carry player at Dota 2.

Have you seen a lot of gamers or even players who stream their live games sitting in a boring old-fashioned office chair under $100? Of course not! You would see them comfortably sitting on their gaming chairs complete with lights, cup holders, built-in stereos and remote-controlled wheels(I’m exaggerating), but it would definitely boost my confidence in gaming if I am sitting in a cool gaming chair that I can even fall asleep into(yeah you could but seriously, get a bed if want to sleep).

There’s a lot of color schemes, chair styles, and chair composition to choose from! Also, take note that the chair height should match your preference, and the wheels should match your floor. A lot of players complain about wooden floors getting scratched by plastic wheels. As I said you could choose according to your preference, keep in mind that if you upgrade to a higher end chair that is sitting higher from the ground and has rubber wheels safe for any flooring, it would cost you more money. That makes the difference right? You would want a gaming chair to call “throne.”

Next on the list is Gaming Chair Lumbar support. If your budget is $250 and up(of course you can go expensive), then you’re going to get a gaming chair that has excellent back support. Most gaming chairs nowadays have lumbar support and a head cushion which supports your back while you spend a lot of hours playing in your chair.

Most gaming chairs nowadays have lumbar support and a head cushion which supports your back while you spend a lot of hours playing in your chair.

Now if you compare that with a crappy office chair under $100, you’re going to get more value out of the $300 up gaming chair than you would over an office chair or even a $100 or below gaming chair. A few hundred bucks make a significant difference!

Next up is probably the main reason most gamers go for a gaming chair over an office chair or whatever chair they’re using(please don’t tell me someone out there is using their dining table chair lol) is because of the level of comfort.

 You would want to be comfortable while sitting on your chair, whatever it is you’re doing, whether you’re gaming, whether you’re working, whether you’re watching, whether you’re spending 1 hour a day or ten, whatever amount of time you spend at your desk you would want to be comfortable. I have had office chairs, and I’ve had gaming chairs before, and I have to say when I’m in a gaming chair that I know is a hundred or 300 bucks more expensive it made all the difference.

Comfort is essential to take into account when you’re buying a new chair and the more money you spend, the more comfort or value you’re going to get. Now also take note of the chair’s Durability, I mean, they are built to last the more money you spend, so if you pay for a higher end gaming chair versus a lower end chair, it’s probably going to last a lot longer and be a lot more comfortable for a more extended period of time than a cheap $100 office chair or gaming chair. I mean, you wouldn’t want to spend $100 on a gaming chair only to replace it after a year or so.

Having said all that, it’s time for you to come up with a decision, whether you want to go for a budget chair or a higher end gaming chair, at the end of the day the choice is still yours, but at the end of this article you should really consider getting yourself a gaming chair or upgrade the one you have right now. I guarantee it’ll make all the difference.

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