Most Anticipated Games In 2022

As 2022 quickly approaches, a lot of fans are beginning to look ahead to the year's upcoming games. Although some of 2018's titles are still on the way, many gamers will be looking towards 2022 for the next amazing game that everyone can play together. It seems like yesterday that 2024's games were all the rage, but the latest hit is always out there waiting to be discovered! 

We have a ton of great-looking titles coming out next year that are both unique and especially polished. Unfortunately, this also makes it very difficult to choose which ones deserve the top spots on this list. Even worse, it may mean that some upcoming titles could end up being a bit underwhelming. With no further ado, here are my top 7 most anticipated games for 2022!

Reviews and Release Date For Our Top 7 Most Anticipated Games for 2022

With E3 now has been and gone, gamers can now sit back and look forward to the future titles that have been announced. There are several games with confirmed release dates in 2019 and 2020, however, there is a large number of games that only have a year or even a month. With this being said, we have narrowed down our list and made a review to the top 7 most anticipated games that are due for release in 2022.

The reviews for this game have set a new record. It has the most number of likes on Metacritic, beating games like God of War and Uncharted 4. The most interesting aspect about this game is that it doesn't involve any violence. Some people love playing violent games, but others don't like them much due to their graphic representations which tend to disturb several people.

Elden Ring Biggest Changes (Release date: 21st January 2022) 

Over the past decade, FromSoftware has risen to become one of the biggest names in video game development. With titles ranging from Soulsborne games like Bloodborne and Sekiro to more recent releases like Déraciné, players have been kept on the edge of their seats with each new experience, but things may finally be slowing down.

With Elden Ring recently confirmed as one of the first major titles to launch in 2022, many fans are wondering if this title will live up to other recent releases from FromSoftware. Early footage shows a level of realistic detail never before seen in a video game, but does this one release have what it take to break the curse of the last couple of years?

That depends on who you ask. Some people love how much detail and realism they can get out of Elden Ring, while others wonder if this was even worth waiting for. I mean, sure, it looks nice, but is that the only thing FromSoftware has up its sleeve?

Elden Ring, a collaboration between FromSoftware and George R.R Martin has released a mixed reception from critics and fans alike. While some have raved about new features such as advanced AI interaction and new modes of play, others have been less impressed with the game's map size and level-unlocking system. This has not stopped the title topping sales charts in its opening week, however, with some even suggesting that this is FromSoftware's next big Soulsborne series.

Elden Ring is a dark fantasy action RPG for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In Elden Ring, players take on the role of one of two playable characters in an expansive world filled with formidable monsters and bosses. While the game initially feels like a Soulsborne game due to its focus on combat, there are also elements of stealth and platforming to add a new twist for players.

The game's story follows the clash of two powerful monarchs, one in control of a mighty army and another with power over eldritch magic. With their nations laid to waste by warring kingdoms, it is up to these two warriors to prevent further destruction across the land through their combined efforts.

So what do you think about Elden Ring? Is this a promising new addition to the Soulsborne series or is it too early to be hyped up just yet? Let us know in the comments below!

Elden Ring is due for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on 21st January 2022.

God of War Ragnarok (Release date: TBA March 2022)

A new era for God of War begins with a brutal journey to the world of Norse mythology - but not one without troubles along the way. Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that the upcoming God of War will be delayed until March 22, 2022. The new release date is a delay from the initial 2020 date and aims to "raise the bar" for the series' latest entry.

As revealed in today's official Sony PlayStation Blog post by Cory Barlog, there have been significant changes over the past few months that have required a "complete overhaul." Due to this, we're seeing the game get delayed and pushed back into March of 2022. Delays like these can be tough to swallow for fans, but they need to realize that this is done with good reason and it isn't exactly a bad thing.

Barlog says there is a "whole new camera system" in the game that was reworked to accommodate this massive overhaul. This is most likely related to the viewpoint of the game and how it plays out for players, so they'll have more freedom than ever before with how they handle their Kratos.

We were promised a major jump from Barlog and other developers at Sony Santa Monica earlier this year, and it looks like that's what we're getting. God of War is still set to release sometime in 2020 for PlayStation 4, but the extra wait time will only help the team behind the game create a better experience for fans.

Ever since Kratos came to consoles many years ago, we've always seen a very rigid and serious experience. This time around, Barlog wants to add some heart and emotion into the mix that will help add more depth to the story and relationship with Kratos' son, Atreus. The team is even going as far as working on different tones based off where players are in their journey.

This doesn't sound like the most traditional God of War, but it is nice to see that there will be more diversity with how the game plays. Barlog goes on to say that this is an "ambitious" project for Sony Santa Monica Studio, so perhaps this is why Kratos gets a new voice actor in Christopher Judge for this iteration.

This new version of Kratos is looking very different than the original and we only have a limited amount of time left to wait before we see what's in store for him and Atreus' journey ahead. All things considered, Barlog says that they needed more time to "raise the bar" with God of War and that's exactly what is going to happen.

It's been seven years since Kratos returned in God of War Ascension, and fans have been eagerly waiting for more ever since. With the release date fast approaching, developer Sony Santa Monica has released an action-packed trailer to whet our appetites even more.

With the game due for release in March 2022, many fans are wondering if this is the end of Kratos' story arc. While it has been confirmed that this will be his final adventure, there are rumors that he will take on a son by the end of the game.

While I know this isn't much to go on, what do you think so far? Is this enough for fans to get excited about or should they be worried about the series taking a darker turn? 

God of War Ragnarok is set for release on PlayStation 4 in March 2022.

Starfield (Release date: 11th November 2022)

A brand new, never before seen IP from Bethesda. It’s a space opera RPG set in the distant future where Earth has been “forgotten” and lifestyles have evolved beyond recognition. Players can explore various planets through a fast travel system as well as seamlessly board spaceships to take part in battles. In the story, it’s been 19 years since the first contact with an alien species.

An open-world RPG that lets players seamlessly explore various planets and spaceships, but rather than being confined to one character, you create your character(and have them evolve too with developing skills), who is not just some soldier/mercenary but also a character.

The story starts in the upper reaches of space where you work up from a rookie to a true starfield adventurer, not just do quests and fight monsters but meet all sorts of people along your journey which lets your character(whose name is V) grow and learn about themselves.

As your character(V) discovers various planets, they can be explored seamlessly. The story unfolds in real-time as you take on quests. Depending on the quest, battles with enemies will break out in different places.

The story is not all about fighting monsters but has various quests that are important to the development of V's story. You may even end up as a capture target of the pirates and have to escape from their base…

In terms of battle, you can fix your position as well as freely move around during fights which lets you change up your strategy on the fly. Ship battles are particularly spectacular as they allow players to manage all sorts of functions such as speed and direction, as well as attack enemies directly.

You'll be able to explore various planets such as the desert world "Gadaf" where the light shines only a few hours a day, or even go underwater on a planet with exotic plants and water creatures. There’s also a hidden ruin type place that has been out of reach by humans for a long time.

V will have their ship to explore with which players can travel around various planets in the universe, but you can also board other ships during battles and freely move around them. In terms of customization, ship parts such as the engine and weapons can be exchanged out to give it a different feel.

Players will get to play until the ending of their choice, but for players who want to see every ending, there are about 10 endings in total. You can even board other ships during battles and freely move around them. Huge battles between armies are present. There is also an element of action where you can directly attack enemies.

You can go on quests with NPC characters, and depending on the quest, see different endings to that story. It’s not just battle but rather quests that affect your character’s development.

Battles will unfold in real-time, and you’ll be able to change the strategy on the fly depending on how a situation unfolds. Battles between spaceships will be particularly spectacular.

Gotham Knights (Release date: TBA 2022)

Gotham Knights are the much-awaited successor to The New Batman Adventures, which aired from 1997 to 1999. While it's said that this show will be a sequel to the aforementioned show, many fans believe that this will be more of a reboot than anything else.

Gotham Knights were created by the new production company behind the show, WB Kids. While Batman Beyond was also created by Warner Bros., this new production company WB Kids is just a different branch of the same company that does not mean it has any ties to the previous show whatsoever.

The creators claim that they're utilizing 8-bit technology to get these characters back into the animation world, though some believe it's just a cheap excuse to not use the same style for this new show. There are no plans on expanding Batman's cast of characters, though there is talk of giving him an updated suit since his current one has ripped in several places.

There hasn't been any official word of what the plot of this show will be, though it is said that they're going to take a darker tone with this one. We all remember Batman Beyond and how Robin had been killed by the Jokerz. There has been some speculation on whether or not we'll see something similar happen in this series, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Currently, there are plans on having the first season of this series consist of 26 episodes. Most producers seem to be pretty confident that this show will stay true to its roots, so don't expect anything radical to change in terms of the art or characters.

Gotham Knights will release sometime in 2022. 

Marvel Midnight Suns (Release date: TBA March 2022)

Marvel has just released its first-ever RPG game, something many people have been waiting for. The only question is, will the game manage to meet fans' high expectations?

The game is now available on all major gaming consoles and features characters from both the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as Fox's various movies. The graphics are said to be better than anything we've ever seen, with this game looking like it's straight out of a comic book. People who've played the LEGO Marvel games, they'll probably notice that this is very similar to them in terms of gameplay.

The game starts with you choosing your team (which can be up to 5 characters), though it's said that the game isn't very clear on this part. Unlike other games, you end up playing as your favorite characters instead of controlling them like in any other game.

The game starts in New York City where villains are attacking civilians; this is where you come in and save the day. There are several choices for levels, though it's said that the game is very linear and doesn't give you much freedom as other games do. The game tries to make up for this by adding an online multiplayer function, which allows you to create your team of 4 characters and fight with friends or other people around the world.

The side quests are grueling; it's not uncommon to go through 10 missions in a row that all need to be completed within an hour. This might be frustrating for gamers who enjoy having the freedom of deciding what to do next, though it may appeal to people who simply want more of a challenge

Currently, the game is only available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There are no plans on releasing it on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or Nintendo Wii.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl (Release date: 28th April 2022)

Everyone's been waiting for the long-awaited sequel to S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl and it finally has a release date! Though we must say, more than a few people are disappointed by its apparent similarities with Fallout 76...

The plot is yet unknown, though there is a rumor going around that you play as a character who's lost in Zone and needs to find his way back home. The graphics have been vastly improved over the original, though not by too much. They've tried to make up for this by adding more things to do in-game, such as the possibility of crafting weapons from almost anything.

Stalker 2

Fans of first-person shooters will love this one as it's a first-person shooter at heart, though you can easily switch to third-person if you feel like it. The story is very similar to the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R, where you go through various missions and encounter various characters along the way.

The price is yet unknown at the time of writing this article, though it's supposed to be a little bit less expensive than Fallout 76.

Since there are no reviews out yet, we can't say anything about how fun or bad this game is going to be. People who enjoyed Fallout 76 might also enjoy this, though people who expected a lot more from the sequel will most likely end up disappointed.

Horizon: Forbidden West game (Release date: February 18, 2022)

Horizon: Forbidden West is the newest installment in the series of games about the post-apocalyptic USA. The main difference from previous games is that this one takes place after the protagonist lands on the coast, it's been confirmed that this is going to be a prequel narrated by someone who knew Cormac and his first expedition into New York. 

The graphics are said to be spectacular, though they're almost the same as in previous games. There's a new fighting system that allows you to fight not only with guns but also with melee weapons, for example, cleavers or baseball bats.

It seems like this game is going to have more freedom than other installments in the series. You can choose a character from multiple options and you can switch characters throughout the game. The graphic is supposed to be a great step forward, with more things you can do and a better crafting system. Many of the players are very excited about this one as it brings new elements to an already successful series. 

Horizon Forbidden West game

The game is going to be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There's a chance it might also come out for Nintendo Switch in the future though there are no guarantees about it. There's been a ton of hype surrounding this game since it's been announced though some people complain that they've been waiting for years and the game simply isn't different enough from the previous one.

The price is still unknown, though it's said to be slightly more expensive than other games in the series. This game hasn't been released yet, though it's coming out in February. If you're curious about this one, there are some Let's Plays of the demo available on YouTube for you to watch.

We are living in a world of technology and fast-moving. The video games industry is one such industry that has seen tremendous growth over the years. A new generation, enthusiastic gamers has emerged after every four or five years. With their rising number, competition among the popular gaming companies has also increased manifold. This has led to the release of more and more games every year.

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