Five Vital Factors Every Gamer Should Weigh Before Supporting a Kickstarter Game

Do you have plans to back a Kickstarter game? Before you make your decision, there are several factors that should be considered. We will tackle it from five perspectives: the funding goals, the quality of content, the developer's reputation, the stretch goal, and the time frame.

The video game industry has witnessed an incredible surge in innovation and creativity in recent years. From blockbuster franchises to indie gems, there are more gaming options than ever before – and that’s thanks in large part to crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. Through the platform, developers can share their vision with gamers all over the world who can then choose to support the project with their money if they believe in its potential.

However, when it comes to Kickstarter projects (especially those related to video games), everyone should take a few critical factors into consideration before choosing whether or not to back a campaign. Here are five key considerations for any gamer looking to support a Kickstarter game:

1. Funding Goals

Funding Goals

It's important for gamers to consider the funding goal of a Kickstarter game. Is it realistic or does it seem too ambitious? If the project has already reached its goal (or is very close to doing so), then you can be sure that the developer actually believes in the idea and has enough resources to bring it to life. On the other hand, if the project still requires a considerable amount of funds in order for it to become reality, there may be cause for concern and gamers should think twice about backing such an endeavor.

2. Quality of Content

Quality of Content

It's also important to check out what kind of content will be included in the game itself and whether or not it lives up to your expectations. Check out screenshots, gameplay videos, concept art – anything related to the game. Is the game aesthetically pleasing? Does it seem to have good mechanics and gameplay elements?

3. Developer Reputation

Developer Reputation

It's also important to check out the developer's previous work and see if they can be trusted with your money. Do some research on them, read reviews of their other projects, and watch interviews or videos related to them. This will give you an idea of whether or not they’re reliable and capable enough of seeing a project through to completion.

4. Stretch Goals

Stretch Goals

If a project manages to exceed its funding goal then it will usually have stretch goals that allow for further content additions or features beyond what was initially planned for the game. If these stretch goals are appealing (and fit within the budget) then it could make the game even better – so it’s definitely worth taking a look at them before pledging your support.

5. Time Frame

Time Frame

It's also important to consider the estimated timeline for the project and whether or not that fits within your expectations. Does the developer seem likely to finish the game in a reasonable timeframe? Is there any risk of delays? These are all factors you should bear in mind when deciding whether or not to back a Kickstarter game.

Ultimately, backing a Kickstarter game can be an incredibly rewarding experience – but it’s important to weigh up all of these factors before deciding which one(s) to support. By understanding these five key considerations, gamers will be able to make the most informed decision when it comes to supporting their next favorite Kickstarter game.


It takes a great deal of creativity and innovation to bring a video game concept to life – but crowdfunding can make the process much easier for aspiring developers. By taking into account these five key considerations, gamers will have a better understanding of what to look out for in terms of quality and reliability so that they can make more informed decisions about which projects are worth backing. Through this process, gamers can help ensure that only the best and brightest ideas make their way onto our screens – and potentially discover some incredible new games in the process. So if you’re looking for your next great gaming experience, don’t forget to check out Kickstarter!

Good luck and happy gaming!

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